Xenial Destiny series
Menhil Trail's Stylish Guestt!
Air date January 15, 2014 XY026 Season XY

The group say goodbye to Cyllage City and begin walking through Menhir Trail. The group walk through a short passage, before they arrive at a plethora of large tall stones. Lexi gasps and Valerie explains that these are the graves on many different Pokémon who fought during the Kalos War over 3000 years ago. Lexi states that she’s never seen anything like it, and that she’s strangely happy that such an act of nobility is being shown so proudly. Valerie agrees, and the group continue. However, Calem stops them, as he sees a man in an orange suit up ahead. He deducts that it’s a member of Team Flare and charges towards them. Lexi sends out Litleo and Tyrunt and they all run after Calem.

Calem launches himself at the Team Flare member, but the member already noticed their presence and dodges, before hitting Calem around the knees sending him to the floor. Lexi commands Tyrunt and Litleo to attack, with Tyrunt hitting him, however, Litleo cowers back. Lexi notices this, and the Team Flare member suddenly recognizes Lexi. He belittles her and scolds her for not remembering him, before Lexi makes the connection; the man is the same person whom owned Litleo previously. He reveals that she was sneaky to swap the two Pokémon, but that he had the better Pokémon. She shouts at him, before Valerie and Calem help attack him. The man is just too strong, and halts all their attacks.

Lexi asks him to just stand aside and allow them to pass, but the Team Flare member claims that he was sent to stop them from progressing further while they finish their plans up ahead. Lexi tries to get past, but more Team Flare grunts appear and halt them. Calem tells them that it seems they’re gonna have to do this the hard way, and they all prepare to battle.

Valerie sends out Sylveon and Mawile, Calem Froakie and Squirtle and Lexi Tyrunt, Fennekin and Helioptile. The grunts send out all their Pokémon and they all begin to battle. The group are able to successfully take down most of the Team Flare Grunts, but Litleo, still scared by seeing his former owner, hides. However, Litleo is startled when its former owner confronts it. The grunt mocks and scolds it for its weakness and childishness, which upsets Litleo to the point of rage. Lexi turns up and heads to confront the Grunt, which with the help of Fennekin and Helioptile, they are successful. Defeated, the grunt decides to turn back, but makes sure to mock Litleo a little more before scurrying off. Lexi comforts Litleo, telling him that he has to be able to confront fear and not be afraid of anyone or anything. Litleo seems to still be upset, but Lexi returns him to his Pokéball to rest.

Now with Team Flare out of the way, the group continue, in which in a quick time they reach Geosenge Town.

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