Xenial Destiny series
A Brutal Battle! Valerie vs. Korrina!
Air date January 18, 2014 XY027 Season XY

The group awake in Geosenge Town Hotel, where the group stayed after their run in with Team Flare. They head downstairs to depart when they overhear a customer excitedly revealing that Korrina is in the town visiting her grandfather. Calem suggests that they go and see if they can find her, seeming she’s likely to know about Mega Evolution. They all agree, and they head into the town.

It doesn’t take long for the group to meet Korrina, who is being followed throughout the town by a crowd of people. Valerie seems annoyed stating that she’s been a Gym Leader longer yet she doesn’t have crowds of people following her, while Calem jokingly admits maybe it’s because she’s younger, which angers Valerie. Lexi shouts to Korrina, who notices them, and seeing Valerie, heads over. She and Valerie greet each other and Korrina remarks it’s been a while since they’ve seen each other, stating that she went to visit her but found out she’s been gallivanting around Kalos. Valerie explains that she’s been travelling with Calem and Lexi, two young Trainers who are planning to take on the Kalos League. Korrina commends them, then realises that she’s heard the names before. Calem suggests that maybe she’s been in contact with Professor Sycamore, which she confirms, and continues to explain that he and Lexi are two of the young Trainers that Sycamore wanted to do research for him. She clicks on, and welcomes them to Geosenge Town. Calem suggests that they should sit down as they have many questions about Mega Evolution, but she suggests that maybe they come visit her and her grandfather in Shalour City, where they can explain it in more detail there. Lexi agrees, saying that they are heading their next. She also remarks that she plans to come to the Shalour City Gym to battle with her. Korrina claims she’s looking forward to it. In that moment, Korrina’s Lucario unleashes itself from its Pokéball, startling everyone. Lexi remarks that it appears to be ready for a battle, and Korrina decides that she’s right and suggests that one of them battles her. Calem is just about to nominate himself, before Valerie steps in and suggests they have a Gym Leader battle. Korrina agrees. Valerie states the terms of a 3 v. 3 battle, no substitutions and no swap-outs, with the winner being the one who wins the most rounds. Korrina agrees, and they begin the battle!

Round 1
Hawlucha vs. Mawile

Korrina sends out Hawlucha while Valerie sends out Mawile. The battle begins quite slow with each taking turns to attack, with the other defending. Suddenly, Korrina sends Hawlucha into the sky, startling Mawile. Struggling to know what to do next, Valerie commands Mawile to dart around the battlefield, but Hawlucha is able to target Mawile’s moves and hits her hard with Flying Press. Mawile bounces back quickly, taking advantage of Hawlucha after it attacks, using its speed to hit him hard. Hawlucha continues to launch into the air and attempt to attack Mawile, however, it appears that the constant flying into the air takes its toll on Hawlucha, and Mawile successfully defeats it.

Round 2
Minefoo vs. Mr. Mime

Second round begins and Korrina and Valerie send out Mienfoo and Mr. Mime respectively. Lexi is surprised as she never knew Valerie owned a Mr. Mime. The battle continues as Mienfoo combats with fighting attacks while Mr. Mime continues to block using Barrier and counterattacking with Mimic as its Super Effective to counter with Fighting type moves. Calem remarks that it seems Mr. Mime is a powerhouse against Fighting-types, while Korrina hits back hard with Mienfoo who breaks Mr. Mime’s barriers. The two begin fighting more rapidly, each managing to attack and defend effortlessly. Lexi remarks that it seems the two are very well trained in battling, and it’s not surprising that the two are so well balanced in battle. This is soon proved, as the two faint at the same time.

Round 3
Lucario vs. Sylveon

The final round begins, and Korrina asks Lucario to step forward. Valerie sends out her final Pokémon, Sylveon, onto the battlefield. The two begin to battle, exchanging attacks and counter attacks, Sylveon however is able to dodge more attacks, while Lucario is able to fire more attacks. After a while, Lucario seems to be worn down, and it seems like Sylveon has the upperhand – however, Korrina pulls out her secret weapon. She pulls out her arm and pushes a stone held in a glove, which reacts with Lucario which transforms it into a different looking Lucario, which Korrina reveals is Mega Lucario. Valerie, along with Calem and Lexi are shocked, but the battle has to continue. The two continue battling, but Lucario now has boosted skills, and is able to dodge more attacks, and hit harder with the attacks. Suddenly, Sylveon is unfortunately defeated.

With the battle over, and a draw announced, the two shake hands. Lexi and Calem are excited and curious over the secret weapon, and Korrina explains that with the Mega Ring, she was able to use her bond with Lucario to transform it into Mega Lucario. Lexi reveals that she hopes she can Mega evolve her Lucario. Korrina reveals that she’ll be waiting at the Tower of Mastery for them. They all say goodbye, and Lexi reveals that she hopes she will be able to become a Mega Successor, while Calem looks on slightly afraid.

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