Xenial Destiny series
The Burning Reflection!
Air date January 22, 2014 XY028 Season XY

The group leave Geosenge Town behind and set their sights on Shalour City, but Calem notes that they have to venture through a cave to get there. Valerie stops him and reveals that it’s not just any cave, but Reflection cave, which is famous for its confusing routes and deceiving mirrors all over the cave walls. Lexi says it should be interesting, but they best stock up just in case, and that they should stick together at all times. They all agree, quickly stock up and head into the cave.

Upon first entering, they are all amazed by the many mirrors and sparkling stones within the stone walls. However, they soon realise that even the entrance is confusing, and the many mirrors dazzled the path. Lexi decides that they should walk in a line, so that they can’t even possibly walk off the path, at least not separately. Calem and Valerie agree, and they set off through the first path. However, in the distance, two members of Team Flare walk into the cave holding a large piece of equipment in each hand. They moan about having this task, but there conversation changes to Lexi and her friends. One member asks the other about how the Calem dude is handling the mind games, but the other tells him that he doesn’t seem to be reacting much, but she reveals that things are gonna get heated soon enough. At that moment, the male grunt confirms that the machine is in place.

Back with the others, strange waves begin to flood the caves, and a moment later, all of the groups Pokémon are released from their PokéBalls into the field. Calem tries to return his Pokémon, but the PokéBalls seem broken and won’t return the Pokémon. Valerie wonders if they should turn back, but she turns and realises she doesn’t recognize the passage, and ultimately reveals that she thinks they’re lost. Unaware of where they are and all their Pokémon outside their PokéBalls, Lexi suggests they just continue on and just try and get out of the cave. The group continue walking, and suddenly, the path becomes narrower. Lexi loses her footing, and suddenly, she falls down a small shaft. She falls quite hard, but is able to recover quickly, and finds herself with several of the groups Pokémon with her. Valerie and Calem shout down to her, and they decide that they should all just continue on, and whoever gets out first gets help. They all agree, and go on their way.

Calem and Valerie scurry through the cave, but it’s not long before the two begin to argue over nothing, and they end up at a two way path. Mad at Valerie, Calem decides to storm off. Valerie hesitates whether or not to follow him, but she angrily storms in the other direction with the remainder of the Pokémon.

Calem walks down the path kicking the dust on the ground and dawdling along. One of the Team Flare grunts notices, and initiates one of their machines. Suddenly, images begin appearing in the mirrors as Calem walks along the path. The images begin to speak, and Calem notices them. The images of Lexi, his mother, Sycamore, Valerie and his father all appear in the mirrors, taunting him and scolding him for being a doormat for Lexi. Calem gets frustrated, and smashes the mirrors. As he smashes them, he opens up a new path. He calms down, before walking along the path. Soon enough, Valerie, Lexi and Calem all end up in the same room. Valerie and Lexi are happy, but Calem is visibly upset and agitated, but does his best to hide it from the girls. Unexpectedly, voices begin to be heard, scolding each of the Trainers and even some of the Pokémon, before the Team Flare members appear in front of them. The two laugh at them and scold them for not being able to traverse through the cave. They continue to mock them all, including the Pokémon. The male grunt targets Litleo, as he once again reveals himself to be his previous owner. Litleo is beside itself, and runs off. Lexi tries to go after it but the female grunt runs towards her and pulls her back, before hitting her to the ground. Calem tries to intervene but the male grunt takes him down, and then the female grunt targets Valerie. All three are laid on the floor, before the Grunts express their anger and decide to end this. They reveal their leader told them not to harm them, but they want to take care of the problem. Lexi, Calem and Valerie look at each other, before they both send out a pair of Houndoom’s and command them to burn the place down. The group try to get up and scurry away, but the Team Flare members hold them down to the best of their ability. The group shout and scream to try and get away, but the grip is just too much and the Houndoom begin firing their attacks towards them. The grunts get out of the way and the flames get closer towards them. In the distance, Litleo runs in front of the flames and is hit full force with the power of the flames, in which Lexi attempts to stop it, but the heat is too much and the group cower to the floor. Suddenly, Litleo begins to glow and suddenly, it grows into a large lion-shaped creature, before its revealed that Litleo has evolved into its evolutionary form Pyroar. Pyroar stops the flames, and the group are freed. Lexi grabs Valerie and they jump on Pyroar, while Calem jumps on Skiddo, and they all set off through the cave. The grunts, scared that they’ve failed, command the Houndoom to use all their power to burn the place to the ground. They soon unleash their full power. Valerie notices this, and the heat begins to catch up to the group. They push faster and harder as they traverse through the cave, suddenly the flames can be seen and Calem notices the exit up ahead. They push as hard as they can, before they all filter out of the cave and jump to the ground, with the flames burst out of the cave exit above the group. Lexi checks that everyone is present, and they all cower to the floor, and Valerie begins to cry. The group realise just how much Team Flare wants them out of the way, and just look at each other. Soon enough, Lexi walks towards Pyroar and thanks it for saving them, telling it that they’d be dead if it wasn’t for him. She congratulates it on its evolution and commends him on its bravery and power to save them. Pyroar looks happy with itself, and Lexi looks on. She realises the huge tall tower in front of her. Valerie and Calem walk towards her, and Valerie reveals that it’s the Tower of Mastery. Lexi reveals that she’s not taking the crap that Team Flare are dishing and she’ll fight tooth and nail to stop them. Calem looks at Lexi strangely, and the group enter Shalour City.

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