Xenial Destiny series
Lexi's Little Fighter!
Air date January 25, 2014 XY029 Season XY

The group sit in a café not speaking to each other, all looking gloomy and sad after the events that occurred the other day. Valerie begins speaking, revealing that maybe they should tell the police about what happened, but Calem pushes it aside telling her that they won’t be able to do anything about it, and that they just need to take them down head on. Lexi dismisses Calem’s suggestion, saying that they need to ignore them unless they cross paths. She also suggests that they take the time to work on combat skills, as it seems Team Flare don’t fight fair they fight dirty. They all agree, and Lexi suggests they cheer themselves up with a training session.

The group head out to an open field just on the outskirts of Shalour City, and send out all their Pokémon. Lexi, thinking of her upcoming battle with Korrina, decides to choose her team. Valerie reveals that Korrina will have 4 Pokémon on her Gym roster, so she needs to also choose 4 Pokémon. Lexi reveals she’s got the idea of 3, but she’s struggling to choose her fourth. She admits that it was the reason she wanted to do the training session.

Calem begins his training session sending out Squirtle, Froakie, Skiddo and Rhyhorn. He reveals that while he hasn’t had a formal Gym battle yet, he hopes to begin one with Korrina. He asks that they focus on speed and agility, but ensuring that attacking is the priority over defending. Their training session begins with Squirtle vs. Froakie and Skiddo vs. Rhyhorn.

Valerie decides to begin training to keep on top form for when she returns to the Gym. She sends out Sylveon, Mr. Mime and Mawile, and they begin training.

Lexi sends out all her Pokémon, and reveals that she needs a team of 4 for her upcoming Gym battle with Korrina. She asks them to try their best in the training session. She reveals to Helioptile that as its taken part in Lexi’s first two Gym battles, it will be sitting this one out, but for it to train anyway. She revealed that she wants to use Pyroar’s new power for the battle, Meowstic Twins on the team for the type advantage and Tyrunt to train in serious battling, leaving one place left.

Meanwhile, a group of Pancham walk along the side of the road, where they spot the group training. The Pancham all look at each other, before sneaking along. One Pancham at the back of the group stalls, before heading along the path with them.

The group continue to train, with Squirtle and Froakie battling each other. Suddenly, Squirtle is attacked by another Pokémon that isn’t Froakie, confusing Calem.

A little further over, Valerie is watching Mr. Mime focus its Psychic powers by levitating Mawile and Sylveon in the air. Suddenly, a Pancham is launched into the air and hits Mr. Mime over the head, unbalancing it’s psychic powers and dropping Sylveon and Mawile to the ground, once again confusing them.

Meanwhile, Lexi battles with her Pokémon, and a Pancham looks on from the distance. The three other Pancham turn up and coax the Pancham, trying to make it hurt Lexi’s Pokémon who are currently training. It seems hesitant, but it goes on and trips over Lexi and Artemis, before running back. Valerie and Calem run towards Lexi and ask her what happened, and she reveals what seems to have been a small Pokémon attacked them. Valerie and Calem reiterate their stories, and they realise that it seems that they are under attack. Suddenly, they see the Pancham in the distance, seeming to be trying to steal food from the group. Valerie reveals that the Pokémon are Pancham and reveals that they are mischievous Pokémon that travel in packs causing havoc wherever they go. Calem reveals he likes the sound of them, and Valerie suggests that they have many similarities, causing Lexi to laugh, slightly annoying Calem. Lexi suggests they teach them a lesson, and they set out on their own plan to cause mischief.

A little later, the Pancham look on as they notice Valerie training. They decide to try and cause mischief again, noticing a large basket of food beside her. They sneak towards her and they try to attack her, but she disappears and they become confused, suddenly, Lexi commands her Pokémon to attack them. The Pancham attack back, but one Pancham doesn’t, and runs away, visibly upset. Lexi realises that she’s upset the Pancham, and she runs after it. Lexi eventually catches up to it, and apologizes to it for attacking. She brings over Artemis, who uses mind control to show Lexi what Pancham was feeling. She is shown that the Pancham is often coaxed and ridiculed into doing things it doesn’t want, being bullied by its peers. She is also shown that the Pancham seems to want a Trainer, often helping the Trainers that are being attacked. Lexi once again apologizes and feels sorry for the Pancham, before picking it up and bringing it back. The other Pancham, still attacking, realise this, stop attacking, and begin to bully the Pancham again. The entire group shout at the Pancham, but they aren’t bothered and continue. The young Pancham looks at Lexi, and stands up for itself, attacking its peers and defeating them. Lexi congratulates it on being brave enough to take them down. Valerie tells it that it can now go wherever it choses without others telling it what to do or how to act, but the Pancham shows interest in joining Lexi. Lexi is happy stating that she hoped it would join her, revealing that she thinks she’s found the newest member of her team. She picks the Pancham up and hugs it, before Calem suggests they head for the Tower of Mastery. Lexi and Valerie agree, and they head on their way.

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