Xenial Destiny series
The Tower of Mastery!
Air date January 29, 2014 XY030 Season XY

Another team member acquired, Lexi and her friends head on towards the Tower of Mastery to meet Korrina and finally discover more information on Mega Evolution. The group arrive at the beach just outside of The Tower of Mastery before they are stopped by a man shouting them in the distance, soon revealing himself to be Professor Sycamore. Sycamore greets the group before asking them how things are going, in which they all just look at each other, before Lexi reveals that they’ve been pursued by Team Flare, along with an assassination attempt on their lives in Reflection Cave. Sycamore, shocked, asks them how they dealt with it, with the group revealing that they decided not to inform the police, which surprisingly Sycamore agrees, revealing that the police are already far in their investigations of Team Flare and that they won’t be bothered despite the attempt on their lives. Sycamore changes the subject, asking them what they’ve been up to since their trip at Muraille Coast. Lexi reveals that she beat Grant and she has since caught a Pancham, and that Litleo evolved during the events of the Team Flare debacle. He turns to Calem and he reveals he won his Badge from Grant through a Rhyhorn Race, which Sycamore jokingly mocks him for getting both his Gym badges through unofficial means. Calem seems annoyed once again, but he doesn’t let it show.

Sycamore shows the group through the entrance of the Tower of Mastery, leading them through the small village before arriving outside the Tower of Mastery itself. They all enter, in which before them they see a huge monument of Mega Lucario, the same that Korrina’s Lucario evolved into prior. Sycamore then reveals that he’s heading upstairs to the lab, and that Korrina and her grandfather should be here shortly. Soon after he leaves, a young woman welcomes the group and shows them to a small room at the foot of the Lucario statue. When they enter, they are greeted by an elderly man, who reveals himself to be Korrina’s grandfather, named Gurrkin. He asks them if they are the whole group, but they reveal they are waiting for more, before Gurrkin alerts them that they seem to have arrived. They all exit the small room, where they are greeted by Trevor and Tierno, with Shauna arriving just moments later. Very soon after, Korrina flies down the stairs and says hello to them all. Gurrkin, happy that everyone has now arrived, shows them all to a nearby seating area in the main hall and they begin to talk.

The group discuss and deliberate Mega Evolution, speaking about its currently known origins, how it works and all about Mega Stones and Mega Wielders.

After a while of conversation, Valerie reveals that she’s been holding a book that the group found in Parfum Palace, which held a mysterious stone that Professor Sycamore thought could be a Mega Stone for Ampharos. Gurrkin agrees, revealing that the stone is intended to Mega Evolve Ampharos. In this moment, Sycamore returns and welcomes them all, before handing Gurrkin two other stones. He reveals that one of them is Mega Stone destined to Mega Evolve Houndoom, the one they found in Muraille Coast, while the other is a Mega Stone destined to Mega Evolve Lucario, that he found just on the outskirts of Southern Kalos. He reveals that he has been searching for Mega Stones, but believes there is very few hidden in plain sight in Kalos. Gurrkin agrees, revealing that there is only a handful of Mega Stones around nowadays, as many are too far below the surface or been taken by people who don’t know there worth. He reveals that very few people know of Mega Evolution, but the ones who do are trying to take the stones for themselves. He continues to reveal that the reason Sycamore showed them the way to the Tower of Mastery is because Sycamore chose the five of them to become Mega Successors. However, Korrina reveals that since then, several of the Mega Rings have been stolen, and therefore currently only one of them may become a Mega Successor at this time. She reveals that they have to choose for themselves, but the one who is chosen has to battle against herself to become the Successor.

Shauna is the first to reject it, saying that she doesn’t wish to have the responsibility of a Mega Successor and she’s not confident in battling yet. Tierno rejects it too, revealing he has no reason to become a Mega Successor as he doesn’t wish to battle. Trevor hesitantly reveals he too doesn’t want to become a Mega Successor, revealing that he is working on his Pokédex and doesn’t need to become a Mega Successor to complete it. Korrina then comes to the conclusion that both Calem and Lexi seem to want to become a Mega Successor, which they both agree, and she suggests that they both battle it out to see who is worthy of becoming a Mega Successor at this time, as the Mega Successor must be strong willed, caring for their Pokémon and focus on the bond between their Pokémon and themselves. She suggests a 3 v. 3 battle of Pokémon of their choice from their team. Lexi agrees, and Calem stalls, but agrees, revealing that he will become the Mega Successor today. The two quickly chose their team, and minutes later, the two stand against each other ready to battle.

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