Xenial Destiny series
The Mega Wielder Battle! Lexi vs. Calem!
Air date February 01, 2014 XY031 Season XY

Lexi and Calem face each other in the middle of the Tower of Mastery. Shauna, Trevor, Tierno, Professor Sycamore, Valerie, Korrina and Gurrkin sit at the side of the battlefield. Korrina outlines the rules of the battle, with a 3 v. 3 battle with the winner of each round counting as a win, and the overall winner is the one with the most wins at the end of the battle. Lexi sends out her first Pokémon: Oshawott; revealing that Oshawott is a Pokémon that joined her through her journey for a long time in Unova. Calem then sends out his first Pokémon; Tangrowth, one of his father’s Pokémon. The battle then begins

Round 1
Oshawott vs. Tangrowth

Lexi commands Oshawott to use Razor Shell while Tangrowth is commanded to use Vine Whip. Both attacks land a hit on the other but Oshawott follows up with Waterfall, dazzling Tangrowth. Oshawott continues to hit, and Calem commands Tangrowth to use Leaf Tornado, but it soon becomes apparent that Tangrowth isn’t aware of the move as it turns to Calem in confusion, but another attack from Oshawott defeats it. The round ends.

Valerie notes that Calem can’t be that attached to Tangrowth if he didn’t even know its move pool, and Gurrkin looks on.

Round 2
Espeon vs. Talonflame

The second round begins, and Lexi sends out Espeon and Calem Talonflame. Angry at the first round, Calem begins quickly firing commands to Talonflame, in which its speed means it is able to perform them quickly. However, Espeon is also fast and its defence means none of the attacks hit. Calem continues to fire commands, and Espeon returns the attacks with Psychic and Swift. Calem is just too aggressive however, and continues to command attacks, and in a brief moment, they all manage to hit Espeon. Battered, Espeon continues to attack. They continue to back and forth battle, but eventually, Calem’s annoyance towards the battle gets too much and he fires a handful of attacks for Talonflame to perform, ultimately injuring Espeon too much and defeating it.

Shauna notes that now both have won a round each, so the winner is down to the next round. Korrina notes that maybe Calem will win the battle, before looking at Gurrkin who’s focused on the battle.

Round 3
Fennekin vs. Slaking

The third and final round begins, and Lexi asks Fennekin to step forward, revealing that she believes that they have already got an unbreakable bond, and wants her to put her best foot forward. Calem turns and reveals that his final Pokémon is Slaking, another one of his father’s Pokémon. Lexi looks at Calem, and in her mind speaks to herself noting that Calem is acting strangely, while Calem speaks to himself noting that Lexi will make him look like a doormat if he doesn’t win, and that he’ll look like a fool in front of everyone. Back to the battle, Lexi commands Fennekin to focus on dodging and defending, but Calem just commands Slaking to fire attacks fast and hard. The two begin to battle more intensely, with Fennekin flawlessly dodging attacks and obeying Lexi’s every command. Slaking however keeps dozing off however, causing Calem to become enraged and annoyed, waking up Slaking and sending it into a rage. The Slaking, in its rage, hits Fennekin with all its might, but luckily, Fennekin is agile and quick, skipping all its attacks. Both Calem and Slaking become even angrier, but the anger ends up making Slaking sleepy, ending with it falling asleep. Lexi uses this as her moment to defeat Calem, with Fennekin attacking with all its might, seriously harming Slaking, however, it still doesn’t wake. Calem becomes the angriest he’s ever been at the thought that he would lose the battle, scaring everyone. Slaking wakes up, in Calem’s rage, and Fennekin, tired from attacking with all its power before, is attacked by the angry Slaking. Slaking hits Fennekin so hard, that she begins to cry in pain, which upsets Lexi who runs towards Fennekin. Slaking seems to be unleashing all its rage on Fennekin. Calem soon snaps out of his anger and realises just what’s happening, before returning Slaking.

Lexi drops to the floor and cradles Fennekin in her hands. Everyone seems shocked and upset, before Korrina gives Lexi a batch of medicine to give to Fennekin, before announcing that Calem is the winner. Calem seems awkwardly happy, but everyone is still feeling strange after the battle. Korrina is just about to announce Calem the Mega Successor, however, Gurrkin stops her. He turns to Lexi and tells her that even though she lost the battle, the bond between her and her Pokémon was so strong. He also revealed that winning the battle was never the key to becoming the Mega Successor. Gurrkin then turns to Calem, revealing that even though he won the battle, he failed to show the bond between him and his Pokémon, and that he’s not ready to become a Mega Wielder yet. Calem falls to the floor, seeming angry with himself and Gurrkin, before he picks himself up and storms out. Gurrkin turns to Lexi and reveals that she is in fact the chosen Mega Successor. He then continues to say that because she lost the battle, she still needs to battle Korrina for the Mega Ring. Lexi reveals that she will, but she needs to tend to Fennekin first. Korrina agrees, and reveals that she should come to the Shalour City Gym and battle her later, once she and her Pokémon are restored, where they can also battle for her next Gym Badge. Lexi thanks her, and runs off, with her friends begin her.

With everyone gone, Gurrkin turns to Korrina and Sycamore and reveals that he’s worried about Calem, stating that he’s anger was so fierce that it clouds his future. He goes on to reveal he hopes that Calem doesn’t fall into the wrong crowd. Meanwhile, Calem sits in a dark alley, visibly upset, before being approached by a mysterious figure.

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