Xenial Destiny series
A Fistful of Korrina! Lexi vs. Korrina!
Air date February 05, 2014 XY032 Season XY

Lexi and Valerie, along with Shauna, Tierno and Trevor sit in the PokéCenter. Valerie turns to Lexi asks her if she’s mad at Calem. Lexi reveals she’s not, it was the Slaking who was enraged and battled too hard, and that Calem was just trying to win the battle. She reveals she’s worried about him, but in that moment Calem enters the PokéCenter. Lexi runs up to him and hugs him, revealing that she’s sorry that he isn’t the Mega Successor but that he should keep trying. He apologises too, stating that it was his own fault for getting Slaking and Pokémon he thought would be powerful rather than Pokémon that he’s bonded with. He reveals that he’s going to keep trying his hardest. Fennekin returns, and Calem apologises to her, but she thinks nothing of it and isn’t angry or upset with Calem. Calem then asks Lexi when she’s heading to the Gym, and she reveals she’s going now. Shauna, Tierno and Trevor reveal that they’re going to head onwards, but wish Lexi the best in her Gym battle.

Lexi, Valerie and Calem arrive at the Shalour City Gym. The Gym is suspiciously empty, with Valerie revealing that usually the Gym is filled with many skaters. Korrina then enters from a back door, revealing that she closed the Gym from everyone for this battle. She reveals that she wanted to cut all the tricks, everything from the Gym, to focus strictly on the one battle at hand. She continues to say that despite being a fun-loving skater, she is also a tough Mega Master. She ends with a simple remark that their battle is beginning now.

Round 1
Mienfoo v. Pancham

The first round begins, with Korrina sending out Mienfoo; Lexi then choses her first Pokémon, sending out Pancham. Korrina remarks that both Pokémon are young, have a thirst for strength and want to please. She reveals that the first round on paper is balanced, but it’s the Pokémon’s feelings towards their Trainer that will win them the battle. Korrina begins by attacking with Arm Thrust, hitting Pancham along its arm, with Pancham returning with Low Jump Kick. The two continue to fire Fighting-type attacks at each other. Korrina attempts to take down Pancham by commanding Mienfoo to use their special move, however, in a moment of haste, Lexi tells Pancham to use the attack he did on the bullies when they met. Both attacks meet each other, sending both hurtling back. Suddenly, Pancham raises itself up, but Mienfoo lies there still. Upon examining him, the referee confirms that Mienfoo has fainted.

Round 2
Machoke v. Meowstic

The second round commences, with Lexi sending out her Meowstic Twins, while Korrina sends out Machoke. She reveals that she was surprised to see two Pokémon in front of her, but reveals that her Machoke is built like ten of any other Machoke, and that its strength will surpass Lexi’s Meowstic. The battle continues and the Meowstic work in sync to tackle Machoke, however its strength and defence prevents many of the attacks from making a hit. Machoke begins to attack, but the two Meowstic work so well in Sync that like their attacks, Machoke’s mostly miss. Korrina seems to get an idea in her head, commanding Machoke to attack the male Meowstic. He is successful in doing so, and the male Meowstic is badly wounded, but in doing so also injures the female Meowstic. Korrina realises that attacking one hurts the other, and so begins to attack them apart. The two become badly injured; but Lexi realises that she can use their Psychic-type Powers to her advantage. She connects with the two Meowstic and tells them to attack Machoke from behind, as he doesn’t seem to block himself there. The two, even though hurt, work together to attack Machoke, landing several successful hits, before launching the fatal blow that defeats Machoke.

Round 3
Hawlucha v. Tyrunt

The third round starts with Korrina sending out Hawlucha, with Lexi sending out Tyrunt. Tyrunt and Hawlucha battle heavily against each other. Korrina demands that she will not lose again; and begins her attacks. Hawlucha’s ability to fly gives it a great advantage, and despite his best attempts, Tyrunt is unable to attack Hawlucha from the ground. The round didn’t last too long, as the advantage of Hawlucha resulted in the defeat of Tyrunt easily.

Round 4
Lucario v. Pyroar

The final round begins, and with two wins against one loss, Lexi is hopeful, but knows that Korrina has an ace up her sleeve, along with her determination to win. Lexi sends out Pyroar, while Korrina brings forth Lucario who was hiding behind her. The two stand on the battlefield ready, and begin to attack. Lucario is agile and quick, but Pyroar has the power. Lexi tells Pyroar that she wants it to find its strength and use it to attack, being brave and outgoing in the battle. The two continue to battle, but Pyroar is able to use its Fire-type to its advantage tackling Lucario with fire moves. The battle goes on a while, and Lucario begins to look worn down. Suddenly, Korrina lifts her arm and pushes the stone in her glove, and suddenly, Lucario turns into Mega Lucario. Lexi is taken a back a little, but she tells Pyroar to keep its cool and find its own inner strength.

The battle continues and Pyroar and Lucario only attack harder and harsher. Korrina and Lexi spit-fire commands and the two Pokémon perform them effortlessly. The two go on for a while, and Pyroar begins to slow down and weaken, but Mega Lucario keeps active and continues on. Lexi decides that she has to take the leap, and tells Pyroar to unleash all its power into a Flamethrower. The agile Lucario so far dodged many of Pyroars attacks, but Pyroar is one step ahead and uses all its power, and a flame attack bursts from its mane and hits Lucario head on. Suddenly, Mega Lucario falls to the ground, and is defeated.

Lexi smiles and runs to Pyroar, hugging it, with Helioptile and Fennekin jumping on its back. Valerie and Calem congratulate Lexi, and Korrina comes towards them. She congratulates Lexi herself, noting that Lexi was able to overcome even the inner strength of a Pokémon and defeat them by working with her Pokémon. Korrina hands her a Mega Stone, in which she also hands her a Mega Necklace. Lexi puts the stone in the necklace and puts it around her neck. Korrina reveals that she is officially the Mega Successor to her, and is on her way to become a Mega Master if she works hard at it. Lexi thanks her. Suddenly, Calem gets Korrina’s attention, before hesitantly asking her if he can battle her. Korrina reveals that he isn’t ready to become a Mega Wielder, but Calem reveals that he wants to battle her anyway. She decides to agree, and Calem smiles.

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