Xenial Destiny series
Calem's Mega Opportunity!
Air date February 08, 2014 XY033 Season XY

Lexi, Valerie and Calem walk alongside the cliff edge as they exit the Shalour City Gym. Calem turns to Lexi and Valerie, and ask them if they didn’t mind not to join him at the Tower of Mastery for his battle with Korrina. He explains that he feels like he needs to focus on the battle. Lexi and Valerie accept, and say that they’ll go on a shopping trip for the day. They are about to depart, but Lexi stops and wishes him good luck. Calem smiles, but as she turns away, his smile turns to a snipe look, before turning around and heading towards the Tower of Mastery.

Calem arrives in the Tower of Mastery, walking into the large empty main hall. He decides to head up the stairs, walking through the Tower of Mastery. The sounds of the remarks he heard in Reflection Cave sound around his head, and soon enough, Calem arrives at the top of the tower. He walks out to the outside balcony, where he suddenly sees Korrina stood at the edge of the balcony. She turns, and welcomes Calem back. She turns and tells him that she was happy to hear him ask for a battle, as she feels like there are a lot of mixed feelings portrayed in his battle with Lexi. Calem dismisses it asking not to talk about it, wanting to get on with the battle. Korrina laughs a little, before agreeing, and the battle begins. Calem is about to take out his Pokéball, before one of the two Lucario that stood behind Korrina stands in front of Korrina. Korrina stands for a moment, before asking Calem if he’d battle with Lucario. Calem isn’t sure how to answer, but she then explains that ever since they first met outside Lumiose City, the Lucario has seemed to gravitate towards him. She goes on to say that the two Lucario have trained together for their whole lives, and that it will be an even battle between them. Calem hesitantly agrees, but then becomes confident and is happy to say yes.

Calem vs. Korrina
Lucario v. Lucario

Korrina and Calem are raring to go, and the two fire command to their Lucario and the battle begins. The two Lucario are polished and agile, both flawlessly dodging the others attacks. This goes on for a few turns before Calem realises that while the battle is balanced, it also means that the two Lucario are very aware of the others moves and mannerisms. He realises he has to do something unexpected that the other Lucario won’t see coming. The two continue to battle, and Calem tells the Lucario to take the hit of the other Lucario. The Lucario seems hesitant, but it does so. In the moment, Calem realises that the opposing Lucario lets his guard down just after attacking, and that he has to attack at the right moment. The two battle more, before Calem commands his Lucario to take the hit once more, but its back to the attack. He does so and the attack hits, and in that moment, Calem stares at his Lucario and the Lucario realises what he is trying to achieve. Korrina, unaware, continues to attack, thinking she has the upper hand. Suddenly, when another attack hits Calem’s Lucario, the Lucario bounces into the air before pouncing onto the opposing Lucario. Korrina, shocked, realises what happened, and soon pulls out her arm, and Mega Evolves Lucario. Calem is taken aback a little, but he doesn’t lose hope and continues to attack. While Mega Lucario is stronger, quicker and harder, Lucario continues to attack. Calem becomes disheartened when Lucario is badly injured. Then, Korrina's Lucario makes it's final blow, as Calem's Lucario looks up in a moment, before it falls, fainting.

Calem shows a shocked face of dissapointment, before running to the Lucario and hugging it and thanking it for the battle. Korrina, reveals that Calem shouldn't be disheartened, as he and Lucario are new together, and that it'll likely be a long time before it can Mega Evolve under his ownership. She then explains that she can’t allow Lucario to continue holding the Mega Stone it bears. Calem angrily asks why, and Korrina simply answers that the Lucario is now his. Shocked, Calem remains speechless. Korrina reveals that she knew that from their first encounter that Lucario was looking at Calem and wanted to join him. She decided that despite the outcome of this battle, she’d give her Lucario to him. She then explains that she cannot allow the Lucario to hold the Lucarionite as Calem isn’t the Mega Successor, and that he must go on his own path to finding the stone and learning of Mega Evolution. Calem, disappointed about that battle, but he happily accepts the Lucario from Korrina. Korrina wishes him luck, but she stops him asking him to please focus on battling and not lose hope if he doesn’t succeed straight away. She continues to tell him that even though there maybe obstacles in the way, Calem cannot lose himself and his friends in order to succeed – and that he won’t be truly happy if he does so. She then hands him a Gym badge, thanking him for the battle. Calem seems to hear here, thanking her, before leaving. Korrina looks on.

Calem leaves the Tower of Mastery, before Lexi and Valerie arrive. The two are shocked to see the Lucario, when Calem explains that he has been given the Lucario after succeeding in their Gym battle. Lexi and Valerie congratulate him, but Lexi jokingly makes a comment that he probably only won because of the Lucario’s prior trainer. This seems to upset Calem, but neither Lexi nor Valerie notice. Valerie reveals that the next Gym is in Coumarine City, and that they should head their next. Lexi agrees, before they set off. Calem remains back a second, looks at Lucario, before trailing behind the two girls.

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