Xenial Destiny series
The Sycamore Stone!
Air date February 12, 2014 XY034 Season XY

The group are just about to depart Shalour City, before a breathless Professor Sycamore runs towards them. He shouts them and gets their attention, stopping them. When they question him on what he wants, he simply says Mega Evolution.

Getting his breath back, Sycamore once again congratulates Lexi on becoming the Mega Successor. He explains that now she has become the Mega Successor and a potential Mega Master, he wants to finally test out his Mega Stones on Lexi’s Pokémon. He reveals that he intentionally noted which of Lexi’s Pokémon could Mega Evolve when he first encountered her in Sinnoh. He knew that she’d become a Mega Successor then and wanted to test his studies on her. She happily accepts, asking him which of her Pokémon he wants to see. He reveals that the stone he first acquired was the Lucarionite, and that he wishes to test it. Lexi agrees, and heads to the PokéCenter. Once gone, Calem reveals to Sycamore that he was given one of Korrina’s Lucario after they battled. Sycamore, intrigued, asks Calem about the battle. Calem reveals that he won the battle, but only after Lucario Mega Evolved under his care. Sycamore is taken aback, revealing he’s never heard of anything like it. He realises though that it most likely occurred due to the connection the Lucario had to the opposing Lucario and Korrina, and that he’s sorry to tell Calem he most likely wasn’t connected. Calem is upset by this, but Lexi returns soon enough, unleashing her Lucario.

The Lucario roars when released, before Lexi jumps on it and greeting it, in which they both smile happily. Lexi introduces Valerie, Calem and Sycamore to Lucario, in which it smiles again. Sycamore then tells the Lucario that he wants to test a special stone that he acquired, which should be able to tap into the hidden power within it to Mega Evolve into a stronger being. The Lucario seems curious and unsure, before Lexi explains that the Mega Stone will only affect his anatomy and biology, but not his feelings, memories, or personality. The Lucario is hesitant, but agrees. Sycamore hands the Lucario the stone, which it grips tightly in its hand. Sycamore then instructs Lexi to push the Mega Stone in her necklace. She does so, but nothing happens. Sycamore is confused, before Lexi becomes focused and pushes the stone again, and suddenly, a bright white light envelops Lucario’s body, with leave like shaped enclosing into Lucario before the light bursts and Mega Lucario is revealed, in which he roars once again but with an echo. Lexi stands there mesmerized and Sycamore stands astounded at the transformation. He congratulates Lucario on the evolution, which it stands confused and dazed. Lexi realises this, and asks Lucario how he feels. He seems to be ok, before Sycamore asks if they can do a few tests. Lexi agrees, and Lucario does so to.

Sycamore begins his tests, poking and prodding Lucario doing many different examinations using various pieces of equipment. Sycamore then asks Lucario if it minded performing some attacks and physical tests so he can gather the data. Lucario agrees, before Sycamore leads it to a test course. Sycamore tells Lucario to navigate around the course and perform attacks when it’s necessary. Lucario agrees, and begins the course. He begins to run and finds himself faster than usual, which makes him stumble slightly. He continues on and fires his first attack, which blows him back onto the floor. Sycamore notes that it seems that Lucario has gained a great boost of power when he Mega Evolved. Lucario continues on the course, however when he attacks a second time, trying to use Aura Sphere, the attack backfires and causes an explosion. Lexi runs to Lucario’s side as the attack appears to have injured itself harshly. Sycamore tells them that they can stop the tests, revealing that he has all he needs and that they should head to the Pokémon Centre.

The group arrive at the PokéCenter, and Lexi sits in deep thought. Valerie asks her what she’s thinking, and Lexi confides in her revealing that she wonders if Lucario is ready for Mega Evolution, and that despite all their training together and time spent together with the bond they have, it’s not enough to allow Lucario to be strong willed and successful in controlling the change in himself. Valerie suggests that she’s being silly and that its failure to control its power during its Mega Evolved state is nothing but growing pains and that he needs training and time to progress into a controlled being when Mega Evolved. Lexi thanks Valerie, before Lucario returns.

Lexi apologises to Lucario for the Mega Evolution, but Lucario uses its Aura Powers to reveal that it doesn’t blame Lexi and it’s thankful for being able to Mega Evolve, but that it just wasn’t ready for the surge of power it had. They all agree that Lucario needs time to learn the ways of Mega Evolution, and things won’t be as easy as they first thought.

Calem and Valerie pack a few things, before suggesting that they head off, as the weather isn’t going to be great in the next few days and they need to get to Coumarine City before the storm hits. Lexi agrees, and the group head off out of Shalour City.

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