Xenial Destiny series
Go-Go Skiddo!
Air date February 15, 2014 XY035 Season XY

Lexi and Valerie walk along the path with Calem a little further in front of them. Valerie shouts for Calem to slow down but he doesn’t, with an excited look on his face he gathers pace as he walks towards what looks like a farm. Lexi wonders what his hurry is, and Valerie explains that up ahead is a Skiddo Ranch, which they discovered would be on their path while Lexi was training with Lucario. She explains that acquiring Lucario seems to have inspired Calem to help his Skiddo evolve, and that he wanted to ask the advice of the Skiddo Ranchers of how to encourage evolution. Lexi understands, and the two women run after Calem.

Calem excitedly laughs as he stands before the gates to enter the Skiddo Ranch, in which he lets out his Skiddo. He asks it if he remembers what they spoke about before about evolving, and that he’s brought them to a place where they can do so. Skiddo appears excited, and the two run off into the Ranch.

Calem and Skiddo are greeted by many Skiddo and Gogoat, all who are grazing in the grass. Suddenly, Calem notices who appear to be Ranchers, where he greets them. They reveal that they are indeed Ranchers and are also the owners of the Ranch. Calem notes that he came to the Ranch to try and have his Skiddo evolve. The Ranchers are pleasantly surprised, and tell him that they can help but can’t make Skiddo evolve as easily as he would think. Calem is confident however, that he will be able to evolve Skiddo.

Calem gets to work straight away, beginning with simple exercises and battling to attempt to coax Skiddo to evolution. The two trains and battle hard, doing everything they can to warm up, but Lexi worries it’s not enough for Skiddo to evolve. Calem is oblivious though, and continues to try his hardest. Skiddo seems worn down, but they don’t give up.

The ranchers, noticing that Skiddo isn’t even close to evolving, decide to help Skiddo by helping several other Skiddo to evolve alongside him. The Ranchers, along with the help of Lexi and Valerie, decide to go through an extensive course to inhibit evolution.

The entire group go through the course easily; Calem seems to struggle a little. As they go through and finish the course, the group of Skiddo evolve, one by one, into Gogoat. However, Calem’s Skiddo fails to evolve. Calem becomes frustrated and angry, and his Skiddo seems to believe it’s himself that is causing it. Calem walks off as he wants time to breath, and Skiddo looks on upset. Lexi, feeling upset for Skiddo and Calem, decides to help out. She sends Fennekin into the field and the two battle, with Lexi giving Skiddo advice and techniques. Calem returns, and in the moment he returns, Skiddo looks towards him, and he’s hit by an attack. Calem then commands him to retaliate, and as he’s about to, Skiddo begins to glow, ultimately evolving. Everyone looks on excited and happy, and Calem and Gogoat congratulate each other. The Ranchers turn up, ecstatic that Skiddo evolved. Valerie explains that it seems Lexi’s help encouraged Skiddo’s evolution. Calem seems frustrated by this, but as always, he shrugs it off. In that moment, it begins to rain. Lexi asks the Ranchers how they get to Coumarine City, and they explain there is a sailboat service on the coast. Lexi thanks them, Calem jumps on Gogoat, and the group head on their way.

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