Xenial Destiny series
Stranded on Azure Bay
Air date February 19, 2014 XY036 Season XY

The rain pours down hard and fast, and the group can be seen running towards a harbour. The group, soaked, ask the sailor if they can have a ride to Coumarine City. The man claims that they can, but not for a few hours due to the rain. Calem doesn’t accept this and demands that they have a boat right away, in which the sailor hesitantly agrees to take them to Coumarine City now before the storm gets worse. They all agree, and come together on the boat.

The group sail quite well at first, a little bumpy but overall smooth. The group talk about what they plan to do when they arrive in Coumarine, with Calem focused on battling the Gym there. Valerie explains that since they’re only a few towns away from Laverre City, Valerie hopes to do more intense training ready to return to the Gym. Lexi explains that she hopes that she doesn’t encounter Team Flare anytime soon. They all agree, before they are startled by large movement of the boat. They all exit the cabin and see that the storm has worsened and become extremely hard to navigate through. The Sailor tells them they need to abandon ship, but the storm is too bad and the boat is broken in two. Lexi and the Sailor are trapped on one side, while Calem and Valerie are on the other. Calem tries to grab Lexi, but he’s unsuccessful and both sides of the ship sink into the sea.

On the shore, Valerie and Calem wash up and quickly regain their strength. Valerie worries about Lexi, but up a head they see Lexi is already on the shore. She is looking towards a cave entrance, before she notices the other two. She explains that she washed up a few minutes before they did, and that the Sailor is already working on repairing the broken life boat, and will need some time to complete repairs. Other than that, Lexi explains that she heard screams from inside the cave, suggesting that maybe others were injured due to the storm. She concludes that they should go check it out; especially seeming they have time to spare.

The group begin walking through the cave, and Valerie realises that it’s Azure Bay, a large aqua area on the outskirts of Coumarine City. She explains that the cave is known as Sea Spirits Den, a place that people venture in but rarely ever get to the end due to the mysterious noises and movements reported in the cave. Lexi laughs at this noting that they will probably end up encountering the mysterious goings on due to their luck. In that moment, more screams can be heard, which the group look at each other and begin to walk faster.

As the group traverse further into the cave and Lexi notes how they’ve yet to see any Pokémon. Valerie suggests that maybe even the Pokémon are scared to know what’s in the cave too. Suddenly, Calem begins to get a real high temperature, while Valerie notes that she’s quite cold. Lexi is confused and realises that something must be around them for this to be happening. Just moments later, the two of them fall to the group. Lexi falls to their aid, but she’s unable to revive them. She comments to herself about always being the last one standing. She tries to pick them up but she’s unable to carry them both. She thinks to herself for a few minutes, but she’s unable to think of anything. Suddenly, the screams can be heard again, and Lexi decides to head on, thinking that maybe she’ll be able to find someone to help her. She sends out all her Pokémon and asks them to look after the two while she heads on, and if they get worried to stay put, or if they get in trouble send two Pokémon to find her. They all agree, before Lexi tells Fennekin and Helioptile to come with her.

As she walks on, she begins to feel heat on her right side and a cold breeze on her left. As she looks towards the ceiling, she notices that electricity flows through the ceiling. Realising that she might have the same fate as Valerie and Calem, she hurries along and runs through the tunnel. As she reaches the end of the tunnel, she begins to hear the “screams” again, although, she ultimately realises that the screams aren’t of humans, but of Pokémon. Lexi scurries along, before she finds herself at a large opening. At the moment, she is stunned to see three large birds, which she recognizes as Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno. Lexi is quick to spring into action, releasing the three Pokémon. Lexi is confused by this, but this confusion is soon cleared up when a member of Team Flare steps from behind a rock formation. He tells Lexi that she saved him a job since he was done with them, and Lexi snaps back at him asking what he did to them. He laughs at her and mockingly tells her that she has no reason to worry and that the little birds are fine. She goes to attack, but the Grunt stops her and tells her to stop the violence, before throwing a smoke ball and disappearing. Lexi shows the three birds the opening in the cave, and the three escape. Lexi then turns back and heads back out of the cave. Lexi soon arrives back where she left Valerie and Calem, and Valerie is sat there, happy to see Lexi return. She asks her where Calem is, before he returns and scurries towards them. Lexi tells them the story, before the group decide to turn back and head out the cave. They all agree, and go on their way.

The group arrive outside the cave and the Sailor confirms repairs are done and they are ready to go again, which lifts the group’s spirits. They all head towards the boat, before Calem opens his bag and reveals multiple PokéBalls, looking sheepish, before heading onto the boat.

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