Xenial Destiny series
Fiery Feelings!
Air date February 22, 2014 XY037 Season XY

The group finally see Coumarine City clearly, and they soon dock at the city. The group all exit, with Valerie stumbling off revealing that she feels seasick after the boat journey. Valerie asks if they can take a break today, but both Calem and Lexi reject this and tell her they want to focus on training for the upcoming Gym battle. Someone behind them agrees, before they all turn to see Lysandre.

Lysandre reveals that he heard that they were coming into the area and he wanted to see how they were getting on. Lexi reveals that she’s got her first 3 Gym badges and is working towards the fourth now. Calem reveals he’s doing his hardest and working to get all his badges also. Valerie, obviously uncomfortable, tells Lysandre that she’s travelling with the group after she was attacked. Lysandre is surprised, and wishes her well. Lysandre suggests that he helps them train if they’re planning on battling Ramos, and Calem agrees. Lexi politely declines however, deciding to focus on her own training.

Lexi and Valerie decide to head off to train elsewhere, while Lysandre suggests they remain where they are to train.

Lysandre helps Calem train for a while, before he begins to ask questions. He first asks Calem how his journey has been so far, with Calem explaining that he first ventured through Hoenn but he was all alone and didn’t enjoy it and ultimately didn’t succeed. He revealed that he first enjoyed journeying with others as it gave him the competition and determination to succeed. Lysandre picks up that he said he first enjoyed it rather than is enjoying, and Calem explains that recently he’s been feeling inadequate and bad about his journey, and feeling like he’s gone from being determined and forward in his journey to being a side-piece in Lexi’s journey. Lysandre reveals that he has seen that when he’s been visiting them, and that he thinks that Calem needs to become more independent and think of himself. Lysandre continues to ask what kind of events has happened to make him feel this way. He explains that Lexi often makes comments about him and his success and that Lexi often seems to be condescending and Valerie doesn’t help when she’s constantly dragging him down and being horrible to him. He explains that really they aren’t that supportive towards him. Lysandre explains that if it was him he’d of left a long time ago, and that he wouldn’t let anyone stand in his way in becoming a superior Trainer. Calem agrees.

Meanwhile, Lexi and Valerie are training when they decide to stop and sit down. Lexi asks Valerie if she likes Calem, and she explains that she does but she feels like he’s arrogant and needs to be less of an ass. Valerie relays the question and Lexi reveals that she does really like him and considers him a great friend, but feels like there is something that’s stopping them from becoming close friends. She continues to say that she feels like he just has problems that only he can solve. Valerie agrees, and suggests they head back.

Back with Lysandre, Calem continues to train heavily; Lysandre gives him advice as he works, but eventually, Calem breaks down and falls to the ground. Lysandre sits beside him and explains to him that he needs to take that pain, the anger, the resentment he has and turn it into battling and determination, competitiveness and working towards surviving to be the best Trainer he can be. Lysandre reveals that he believes in him and that he ever needs anything, he’s just a phone call away. Calem thanks him, before Lysandre tells him to use the gift he sent to him, which Calem nods, before Lexi and Valerie turn up.

Lexi asks Calem how his training went and Lysandre answers for him saying that it was enlightening and that he thinks that Calem has a great outset for himself and his upcoming battle. Calem smiles, before Lysandre reveals he best be on his way. Lexi is surprised that he’s leaving without really talking with her but he leaves. Valerie asks Calem what they’ve been doing and he tells them that he’s just being making his technique. Valerie says ok, and she asks them both if they’re ready, and that they should head onto the Gym. They agree, and head on their way.

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