Xenial Destiny series
The Bushy Battle! Lexi vs. Ramos
Air date February 26, 2014 XY038 Season XY

The group arrive inside the Coumarine Gym and are amazed by the huge tree that stands before them. Valerie asks them who’s going to battle Ramos first, and the two just look at each other, before Valerie suggests that they race up the three to battle Ramos. They both agree, and Valerie heads towards the watching entrance, while Calem and Lexi enter the competitors entrance. The two wish each other luck, before they begin charging up the tree. The two head in separate directions. Lexi heads off on a good pace, while Calem starts slow before running fast. The two seem to head up the tree on equal fields, however it soon becomes evident that Calem is trying harder and quickly scaled up the tree. Lexi seems more focused, crawling up the tree slowly but cautiously. Suddenly, Lexi nearly loses her grip, but luckily latches onto the wall. Meanwhile, Calem continues to rush up the tree before suddenly, he loses his grip and falls back down the tree. Lexi hears Calem and goes to head round the side of the tree, but she continues anyway, feeling that he’ll be fine.

The two continue this for a while, with both continuing up the three and facing the obstacles. Valerie watches them from the cameras in the viewing room, but she can’t tell who’s in front. The two continue and soon, Calem sees a bunch of dust at the other side of the tree below him, and he believes that he’s in front. He races up and luckily makes it to the top. As he looks up, he sees Lexi, already standing there. He realises that he’s lost, but he takes it on the chin and tells Lexi to enjoy her battle. She thanks him, before he walks away, Lexi goes to say something, but stops herself.

An elderly man walks from behind a door and introduces himself as Ramos, the Coumarine Gym Leader. Lexi greets him and thanks him for the opportunity to win her fourth Gym badge. He compliments her looks and attitude, and suggests they get right into the battle. He outlines the rules, before the battle begins.

Round 1
Jumpluff vs. Fennekin

Ramos introduces his first Pokémon; Jumpluff; Lexi then asks Fennekin to head onto the battlefield. Ramos gets straight into it commanding attacks, jolting straight towards Fennekin. Fennekin easily dodges however, before attacking herself hitting Jumpluff several times. The battle continues like this for several turns before Jumpluff jolts into the sky and attacks Fennekin from above. Fennekin seems to be hurt badly, but it’s not long until she regains herself and manages a final blow to Jumpluff, who plummets to the floor as its defeated. The referee announces Lexi as the winner of the round, and Ramos just smiles.

Round 2
Weepinbell vs. Lucario

Next up, Ramos sends out Weepinbell, who Ramos appears very fond of. Lexi looks towards her PokéBalls and heads to get one, but soon stops herself and reaches for another, sending out Lucario. Lucario comes out fierce, ready to battle. Weepinbell and Lucario attack and defend each other, both missing attacks and delivering hard blows to the other. Both Pokémon get a little tired, before Lucario is hit by another attack hard. Lexi soon looks towards her arm, and reaches for her Mega Ring. She hesitates for a few seconds, before pressing it. Lucario looks back before it transforms into Mega Lucario. Lucario may have a boost of energy, but it still looks on worried. Lucario begins attacking and it seems like Lucario has it in the bag, however, it soon loses confidence and stops attacking. Lexi stands there puzzled and worried, trying to coax Lucario into attacking. However, Weepinbell and Ramos takes this advantage and hits hard and quick. Lucario takes the hit, before falling to the floor and fainting. Lexi returns Lucario, but pushes her emotions aside and focuses on the battle.

Round 3
Gogoat vs. Pancham

Ramos takes back Weepinbell and sends out his Gogoat. Lexi decides her next Pokémon, bringing out Pancham. Valerie explains that she thinks Pancham’s win with Korrina will do good for them this battle. The two battle for several rounds and the battle goes well for both sides. However, Pancham’s relentless attitude gives Lexi a second win. Lexi is surprised just how well Pancham battled, and thanks it, before heading into the final round.

Round 4
Roserade vs. Vulpix

Ramos explains that he didn’t expect Lexi to have the upperhand in the final battle, but reveals that he see’s potential in her. But that potential will not win against him.

The final battle begins, with Ramos sending out Roserade. Lexi then makes a suprising reveal, as she sends out Vulpix. Valerie and Calem are shocked, before she explains that she wanted to bring back Vulpix to test out a new team she was thinking about. The battle then begins once again.

The two Pokémon battle heavily, but Roserade is too quick for any of Vulpix’s fire attacks to hit her. The two battle head-to-head hitting hard as they can. Soon enough, Vulpix manages to hit with the Fire attacks. She ends up in a streak, and ultimately hits Roserade enough for it to faint. Lexi cheers and hugs Vulpix, while Valerie turns to Calem and tells him it’s his turn now. Calem looks towards his bag, and stands up.

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