Xenial Destiny series
The Bush of Fire! Calem vs. Ramos!
Air date March 01, 2014 XY039 Season XY

Ramos congratulates Lexi on their battle and hands her a Gym badge. He admits that he wasn’t surprised she beat him, saying that he knew she’d be a formidable opponent for him. He then sighs, and calls on Calem. Calem greets him warmly, and Ramos smirks. He then tells him to step up to the battlefield. Calem sighs himself, and steps onto the battlefield.

Round 1
Gogoat vs. Amaura

Ramos sends out his Gogoat, and Calem sends out Amaura. The battle goes easily, verging on boring. Valerie comments that Calem seems to be nervous, and Lexi looks on worried. The battle goes on for a bit but Gogoat easily takes down Amaura with a few blows.

Round 2
Jumpluff vs… Magmortar?

Ramos sends out Jumpluff as his second Pokémon, Calem stands there, seemingly sweating. Suddenly, he pulls out his Pokéball. He looks at Lexi, before sending out… Magmortar. Lexi and Valerie are shocked and just look at each other. Calem peers at them and they look on puzzled. Ramos looks on surprised and gets ready to battle. Calem becomes fiery and begins to command attacks. Calem gets vey much into the battle and continues to attack hard. It’s not long until Jumpluff is defeated.

Round 3
Weepinbell vs… Heatmor!

Ramos sends out his third Pokémon, Weepinbell. Meanwhile, Calem then sent out… Heatmor! Valerie and Lexi begin to wonder whats going on, Valerie questions where he got these Pokémon but Lexi just wonders who he’s got them from, noting that he’s not been away long enough to capture more Pokémon without them even knowing about it, suggesting that someone must have given him these Pokémon fully trained.

The battle continues, and Calem seems to get angrier and angrier as the battle continues. The two Pokémon spit out attacks at each other, but Calem becomes enraged during the battle and the battle becomes too intense. Ramos himself begins to worry, asking Calem to calm down. Calem doesn’t do so, and continues to battle. Valerie notes that it seems that Calem is enraged like he was when he and Lexi battled before. Lexi jumps up from her seat and runs down towards the battlefield. However, just as she reaches it, Ramos seizes the battle and returns Weepinbell. He throws a Gym badge to Calem, before telling them all to leave.

Calem stood there, confused. Lexi angrily asks him what he was doing, but Calem stands their confused. Valerie walks down and tells them they better leave.

The group arrive outside the Gym, and Lexi and Valerie just look at Calem. He says sorry, but the girls don’t seem to want to listen. Lexi suggests that they’ve had a busy day, and should probably go and rest. Calem agrees, before they all walk away.

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