Xenial Destiny series
A Desert Detour!
Air date March 05, 2014 XY040 Season XY

Still feeling awkward after the previous day’s events, Valerie suggests that they head through the desert quickly to get back to Lumiose City. Lexi agrees, and Calem just agrees with them. They all pick up supplies, where Lexi takes the opportunity to talk to Calem. She first asks him where he got the Pokémon from. Calem suspiciously reveals that he was sent them by his family, when he wanted some help for the battle. Lexi then asks him why he got mad like he did when they battled in the Tower of Mastery. Calem explains that he doesn’t know. Lexi notes that she wished that he would talk to her more, but it seems Calem didn’t hear her.

The group head off through the desert, and the journey begins quite smoothly. Valerie notes she loves the heat, while Lexi notes she could do without all the sand and a little more water. Calem agrees, and they all laugh about it.

Suddenly, in the distance, Lexi notices a figure in the distance. She alerts the others, before Valerie realises the outfit is familiar. Calem does too, saying it’s a member of Team Flare. Valerie suggests they just keep going, but Lexi rushes towards them.

Calem and Valerie run after Lexi but soon enough Lexi runs up to the Team Flare member. He turns around and is startled to see the trio, but keeps his cool and tells them they better scram. Lexi asks him what he’s doing in the middle of the desert but the Flare grunt shuns her and tells her to get lost and it’s none of her business. Lexi gets angry, and commands Helioptile to attack him. The man is well equipped and attacks straight back. He soon causes a distraction and disappears. Lexi isn’t prepared to give up, and Calem agrees. They all split up to try and find the man, heading in different directions.

Suddenly, a huge sandstorm raises which makes being able to see difficult. All three of them are unable to see where the Team Flare member is and where each other are. They all send out Pokémon to begin firing attacks, but the attacks seemingly miss anything and just fire randomly elsewhere. Suddenly, Calem notices the Team Flare member, but instead of chasing him, he averts his attention. However, Lexi sees him, finds Valerie and grabs her, and they run after him. Calem soon follows behind them.

The Team Flare member soon stops, and decides instead of running to just take them down.

The three battle, but the Team Flare member is obviously well trained and can handle all three of them. Their battle goes on for a good while, however, the trio work together and end up defeating the member. However, he has a secret weapon and makes the sandstorm thicken, being able to get away.

They are about to give up, but Lexi notices an orange figure. She figures that he must be going to somewhere with other Team Flare members. Valerie explains that they’re at the Power Plant, and if anything happens here all the power in Kalos could be cut. They decide to head after him.

Upon arriving, they enter through the door, and find themselves in an industrial building. Suddenly, they hear a voice, and hide. Soon enough, an orange haired woman walks through the hallway into the building. The group all look at each other, and head inside.

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