Xenial Destiny series
Creeping Into the Flames!
Air date March 08, 2014 XY041 Season XY

The group sneak through the halls of the building, dodging any Team Flare members in sight. Lexi notices there are two ways to go, so she tells Valerie and Calem to head one way and she’ll head the other. Both Valerie and Calem try to stop Lexi but she heads on without them. Valerie notes she hopes she stays safe, but Calem doesn’t seem so sure.

Lexi walks through the hall and is met by two Team Flare members. Helioptile and Fennekin jump from her shoulder and attack the two men. Luckily, they are successful, the noise echoes through the hall, resulting in Lexi and her Pokémon running down the hall. They are not seen or heard again, but Lexi continues on until she reaches a large room.

Meanwhile, Valerie and Calem walk down the second corridor before they see a large door. They both look at each other, and then Calem kicks it in. He sees a member of Team Flare, and hits him, pelting him against the wall. Valerie enters the room and realises that the room is filled with hostages. Valerie asks them how long they’ve been in captivity and they reveal it could have been hours or days. They continue to reveal that Team Flare seem to want to use the Power Plant as an energy source for something. Valerie suspects that Team Flare has something hidden that they are trying to power, but questions how it’s not been found as the Power the plant can give would be able to power something colossal.

Elsewhere, Lexi quietly runs through the large basement building, before she notices a bunch of controls. Soon enough, a group of Team Flare members enter and begin talking about the energy source and how it could be easily turned off being exposed like that. They soon leave again, and so Lexi quickly attempts to run to it. However, she’s stopped in her tracks as a woman begins asking her why she’s walking out exposed like that. Lexi tries to attack her, but she’s unsuccessful.

Moments later, Team Flare Grunts enter with Calem and Valerie. The girl introduces herself as Aliana, a Senior Administrator and Scientist of Team Flare. She explains that she’s been the head of this project and won’t allow them to ruin her plans. Lexi asks her exactly what she’s doing, but Aliana keeps tight lipped and won’t reveal it. Lexi then asks her what she’s going to do with them. Aliana just begins to laugh, replying that she can’t have them going off running their mouths about what’s happening, and she’ll just have to take care of them so she doesn’t upset the boss. Suddenly, Calem gets free from the Team Flare members and Valerie is able to hit them due to the distraction, the two run towards Lexi but Aliana jumps on her and they fall to the floor. Aliana sends out her Stunky while Lexi sends out Lucario. The two Pokémon begin to fight while Lexi and Aliana begin to fight themselves. Aliana continues to hit Lexi, while Lexi is able to intervene and hit Aliana back. Valerie and Calem send out their Pokémon to fight for them, but the manpower becomes too much and they have to fight themselves.

Lexi is able to get Aliana off of her and she runs away from her reach. The two continue to battle with their Pokémon but Lexi realises that she needs to shut off the machine. Valerie and Calem soon become embroiled in the fight, but Valerie is knocked out by a Team Flare member. Aliana turns to Calem and asks him what he’s doing. Calem looks puzzled, but Aliana continues on. She asks why he’s helping Lexi when all they want is to help people like him who are destined for so much more. In that moment, Lexi sends her Pokémon out to attack the machine, which they do so. It takes a while, but they manage to do so, causing the whole building to quake. Aliana shouts at Lexi that she’s ruined everything, and pounces once again onto her. Lexi tells Calem to tell everyone to get out, and he does so. Aliana once again hits Lexi and becomes extremely violent, but it’s not long before Calem returns and grabs her and pushes her off Lexi. He picks Lexi up, and a slightly dazed Valerie, and heads out the door. Just as they get to the exit, the building explodes and all three of them are hurled across the desert.

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