Xenial Destiny series
An Unusual Saviour!
Air date March 12, 2014 XY042 Season XY

Lexi, Valerie and Calem stumble through the desert, being hit hard by the sand and wind. Valerie falls to the ground, attempting to get up, but the wind is just too strong and her injuries to severe. Calem continues on but his leg is injured too much to really move, falling also. Lexi shouts to them both, but they can’t hear her. She stumbles rapidly back, but she soon faints. All three are layed along the desert floor. Lexi, still a little lucid, sees a figure in the distance. But, before the figure can be properly seen, she blacks out.

Lexi finds herself waking up in a small cave, covered by a thin blanket. She sees Valerie and Calem besides her, both bandaged up and in beds. She gets up, examines herself, and notices that her wounds have been ailed. She walks out of the small room, entering a very large cave opening. She walks towards a fire, warming her hands, before a man tells her to make sure she gets nice and warm. She is startled and turns, but she can’t see anyone. She continues to turn, before a giant man walks into the room. Lexi is shocked, and stands, not knowing what to do. The man explains that his size must be a shock, but not to be frightened. Lexi soon relaxes, and asks him if he saved them. He says yes, and that he saw them enter Team Flare’s building but couldn’t come to help. She asks him who he is, and he replies that he’s someone that lives to ensure Kalos is kept in order. She questions his height, and he reveals that it’s not important.

He asks her what happened at the Power Plant, and she explains that they were powering something but she was able to destroy the machine that was redirecting the power current. He told her that was good, and that she did the right thing. He tells her that she’ll be fine as long as she stays hidden and doesn’t venture too far from the cave. Lexi stops him, confused, and asks him what he means. He explains that he can’t allow Lexi to leave the cave while Team Flare are still at large, explaining that now she’s a prime target and they’ll try to take her down. Lexi thanks him for the support, but that she isn’t going to hide away while they’re around, and that she can take care of herself. He tries to change her mind, but he realises it’s a worthless task.

They both hear stirring in the other room, so he decides to go and check if the others are ok. In the time he’s away, Lexi does a little exploring around the room and she discovers a small journal. She reads it a little and is shocked to see him talking about his palace and how he had to leave to protect the one he loved. Lexi puts two and two together and realises that he must have some connection to the King. But then she realises that that would mean he must have been alive back then. He soon returns, and Lexi asks him once again who he is, but he doesn’t answer. She asks again more sternly, and he looks towards the journal, and realises she knows. He explains that, he’s the king of Kalos. Lexi doesn’t believe him at first, and asks him how. He tells her it’s a very long story that he doesn’t want to involve her in.

Soon after, Valerie and Calem wake and arrive in the room. They are shocked by the man’s size. Lexi tells them to calm down, but explains that they should go. The man tries to stop them, but Lexi assures him they’ll be ok. He lets them go, and tells them that if they need him, he’ll be there. Lexi nods to him, and the group leave.

Lexi, Valerie and Calem all walk out into a now calm desert. Valerie notices Lumiose City ahead. She sighs, and asks them what they’re going to do. Lexi explains that they just have to continue, and that they will have to catch up with Sycamore when they can. They all agree, and begin walking.

Calem goes back to what Aliana said, and looks at Lexi, before going into deep thought.

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