Xenial Destiny series
The Lumiose Light-up!
Air date March 15, 2014 XY043 Season XY

The group arrive in Lumiose City once again, with their spirits low. Suddenly, in the distance, they hear a girl shouting them, and they realise its Shauna. Lexi immediately tells the others that they can’t let Shauna know what happened, and that they can’t allow her to get involved in what happened before. They all agree, and paint smiles on their faces. Shauna arrives and greets them all warmly. They all ask her what she’s been up to, and she explains that she’s been having fun and exploring Kalos. She asks them what they’ve been doing, and they all just look at each other, before Lexi explains they’ve been working on their Gym battles. Shauna then asks them if they heard about the Power Plant, and they all look at each other and say no, and Shauna explains that the plant blew up but in the explosion the power in Lumiose City was restored. She goes onto explain that the Prism Tower still isn’t lit up, but the Gym Leader is planning to light it up soon. Shauna excitedly asks them if they want to come along and watch it. Lexi decides that it’ll be good and they agree. Shauna runs off ahead, and Lexi explains that she’s happy Shauna is around because she makes them feel better. They all happily agree, laugh, and head on up to Prism Tower.

Upon arriving, there is a large turnout but Shauna grabs them and pulls them to the front. They all excitedly wait, before the Gym Leader comes out and asks them all if they’re excited, before lighting up the Tower. Everyone watches in amazement, before the crowd simmers down and begins to depart. Shauna tells Lexi that she wants her to meet the Gym Leader, much to Lexi’s surprise. Shauna introduces Lexi to a young boy, who is just about to introduce himself, before a young girl steps in front of him and introduces herself as Bonnie, Clemont’s Sister and Manager. Clemont then pushes past and asks Bonnie how she is his manager, but he tells her it doesn’t matter and she introduces himself to Lexi as Clemont, the Lumiose City Gym Leader. Lexi says hi, and asks him if he’s available for a Gym Battle. He laughs and says he was just about to ask the same. Bonnie interrupts them and says that she’ll have to look at his schedule. Clemont pushes her away and tells Lexi he’s free now. They laugh, and the two enter the Gym. Lexi asks Valerie and Calem if they’re coming, but both of them decide they’re gonna go do some stuff in Lumiose City. Lexi faintly smiles at both of them, before entering the Gym.

Lexi is surprised to see a busy hub of people throughout the Lumiose Gym, but Bonnie shows Lexi the way to an elevator. She tells her to press the Gym button, and she’ll be taken to the Gym. She wishes her good luck, before the doors close. Lexi becomes slightly nervous and tells Helioptile she wants to use him this round, and that she wants him to do his best since she knows he’s been working really hard. Helioptile smiles, before the doors open to the Gym.

Lexi walks out, but instead of seeing Clemont, she is once again greeted by Bonnie. Behind her are three doors with three trainers stood in front of each one, with three big screens above the doors. Lexi asks Bonnie what’s going on and Bonnie reveals that this is the Gym Puzzle that Lexi will have to complete before she can see Clemont. Lexi laughs, and tells her she’s ready.

The first question asked is which Pokémon is this. Lexi notices straight away the image is of a bird, and Bonnie reveals that the Pokémon is deemed as a ‘regional bird’ for one of the regions. Lexi knows them all, but she has a hard time distinguishing them between the wings. Lexi then takes a guess, guessing Fletchling. She stands in front of the corresponding door, where the trainer opens it. Bonnie confirms she got the question right and she heads up.

The second floor comes with the second question. Bonnie asks Lexi which Pokémon from either one of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn or Sinnoh is known as the Rainbow Pokémon. Lexi seems to know this answer straight away, standing under the door for Ho-Oh. Once again correct, she heads up the life.

Bonnie announces the third and final question on the next floor, which she asks Lexi which type Clemont specialises in. Realising that she doesn’t know, Lexi notices the three options as Electric, Steel and Ground. Lexi struggles, but suddenly, she remembers Clemont telling her it will be an electrifying battle, giving her the answer. She stands in front of the Electric door, which opens. Bonnie wishes her good luck once more and Lexi heads in the lift.

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