Xenial Destiny series
The Lumiose Light-up!
Air date March 19, 2014 XY044 Season XY

The elevator doors open and Lexi see’s Clemont dead ahead. He welcomes her to his Gym, and congratulates her on completing the quiz. He however goes on to tell her that her winning streak ends here, as he won’t allow her to leave with a Gym badge. Lexi steps up to the battlefield, and their battle begins.

Round 1
Emolga vs. Pancham

Clemont lets out his Emolga, while Lexi lets out Pancham. Clemont tells Emolga to do her best, and Lexi tells Pancham the same. The two immediately begin attacking one another. Pancham begins with the upperhand, but soon enough Emolga uses her Flying abilities to take over the battle. Pancham is unable to reach her while Emolga continues to swoop down and attack Pancham. Soon enough, there is one too many attacks and Pancham is defeated. Lexi thanks Pancham, before getting ready for the next round.

Round 2
Magneton vs. Ampharos

Clemont lets out his Magneton, which he tells Lexi is one of his oldest Pokémon and their bond is solid. Lexi then replies to him saying that her following Pokémon is one she’s travelled with a lot, from when she travelled in Johto. She then lets out Ampharos, which stuns Clemont. He reveals he’s always wanted an Ampharos, but Lexi replies that her Ampharos will turn him off of them when she beats him. The two begin battling straight away, and, despite Magneton’s ability to levitate, Ampharos is able to overpower Magneton and hit him hard. The battle goes on for a while, but ultimately, a full of energy Ampharos defeats Magneton. Lexi hugs Ampharos, and thanks it for coming and helping her out, before she returns to her Pokéball. Clemont then remarks 1 round each, but that will change.

Round 3
Shinx vs. Meowstic

Clemont lets out Shinx, while Lexi asks the Meowstic duo to come onto the battlefield. Clemont is once again surprised, saying that he’s never known two Pokémon to have such a connection that they are mentally bonded to the point of almost being one being. The battle begins and, even though Shinx is fast, it’s not long until Meowstic defeat it.

Round 4
Dedenne vs. Floette

Clemont sends out Dedenne and Lexi sends out Floette. The round doesn’t last long, with Dedenne using it’s speed and attacking skills to easy take down Floette. Clemont laughs and tells her that her winning streak is over, and they have just the one round left to go.

Round 5
Heliolisk vs. Helioptile

Lexi sends out Helioptile, which Clemont laughs at. He remarks that she’s made a mistake, as he sends out his Pokémon, Heliolisk. Helioptile is taken aback by this, as he’s seen to have issues with battling a Heliolisk before. Lexi doesn’t worry though, and tells him to work his hardest. The two battle for a while, both attacking the other often. However, the strength Heliolisk has over Helioptile is visibile and it’s not long until Helioptile is weakened and tired. Clemont tries to use this to his advantage, but Helioptile, almost at the point of fainting, suddenly screams, before he began to glow. Clemont can’t believe it, and Lexi watches in amazement. It turns out that Helioptile evolves into Heliolisk.

Round 5
Heliolisk vs. Heliolisk

Now a Heliolisk, Lexi is ready to win and tells her Heliolisk to give it all he’s got. Both Heliolisk battle for a while, however, Lexi’s Heliolisk’s evolution has made it much stronger, and, eventually, strong enough to defeat Clemont. Heliolisk runs to Lexi and hugs her, and Lexi laughs. Clemont looks sad, but then becomes happy, and explains he’s happy that he had a worthy opponent like Lexi. In that moment, Bonnie runs in and scolds Clemont for loosing. She then hands Lexi a Gym badge and tells her that Clemont has some business to do and has to leave. Lexi joins them and they all head down together.

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