Xenial Destiny series
The Last Straw
Air date March 22, 2014 XY045 Season XY

Lexi arrives outside Prism Tower and Valerie and Calem soon arrive. Lexi tells them about her win and they both congratulate her. She also tells them that Helioptile evolved, before Heliolisk comes from behind her. They are all happy, until Sycamore calls them. Lexi answers, and asks her what she wanted from when she tried to call him before, and she tells him that it’s better if he comes to the Lab and talk to him. He agrees, and they all head on their way.

Arriving at the Lab, Sycamore welcomes them warmly, but he immediately realizes that they aren’t in the best of spirits. Lexi then explains that they’ve had Team Flare after them and tells him all about the events that have been occurring. Once he hears everything, he apologizes to them for this, telling them that he and the police were foolish to believe the crimes were just child’s play. Lexi tells him it’s not his fault, but enforces that they are coming after them and they won’t stop at anything to kill them.

Sycamore then asks is that it, with all of them looking at each other. He knows they’re hiding something, and tells them to spill. Lexi reveals that they were saved in the desert by a man, who turned out to be a very strange man. She admitted that he was extremely large, almost giant-like. Sycamore is confused and dazed, and asks them if they were hallucinating, but they ensure they knew what they saw. Lexi reveals that he told her that he had been watching Team Flare but couldn’t help, and that he was here to protect Kalos. She continued to say that she believes he has some connection to the King of Kalos. Sycamore finds this all hard to take in, but becomes serious and tells them that something seriously dangerous is going on in Kalos. He tells them that he will do some digging to see what’s up. He asks them to stay around for a bit and relax, and they agree. Valerie and Lexi let out all their Pokémon and they all eat and play together. Calem, at the other side of the lab, is stood, thinking. His thoughts are towards what Aliana spoke of in the desert, and how she told him he was destined for so much more. His thoughts then went to all the things Valerie and Lexi had done that annoyed or upset him. Sycamore walked over to Calem noticing his seriousness and told him not to worry about Team Flare. Calem admits that he’s not, but asks for Sycamore’s advice. He asks him what would he do if he was in a situation where he wanted something so much but there were people holding him down and standing in his way. Sycamore replies that he would personally let himself free and go for his goal, whatever the sacrifice. He asks him why and Calem simply tells him that a friend was in the situation.

In that moment, Lexi walks up to Calem and asks him how he is. Calem snaps at Lexi telling her he’s fine. Lexi asks him when he’s going to go battle Clemont and he snaps at her again telling her he will when he’s ready. Lexi notices he’s been snappy and jokes that he’s jealous that she beat Clemont before him, but this only angers Calem. He begins shouting at Lexi telling her he’s had enough with her condescending attitude towards him and tells her that she doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Lexi angrily snaps back at him telling him that he’s arrogant and that he pushes everyone away, and that no wonder his Pokémon aren’t performing well for him. He becomes even more angry and begins shouting at Valerie too, telling them that they are both horrible people who aren’t worth anything and that he’s destined for so much more and they’re holding him back. Valerie snaps at him telling him that if he has a problem to just leave. Lexi tries to calm everyone down but Calem tells her that he hates her and that he wished he never ventured with her, but then stops himself and blurts out that he wished Team Flare had done their job properly then maybe he wouldn’t have her on his back. Everyone becomes silent and Lexi begins to have tears rolling down her face. Instead of apologizing, Calem tells them that him journeying with them was a big mistake and that he never wants to see either of them again. He continues to tell them that he’ll become Champion and show everyone that he’s better than them all and that he’s worth so much more to the world than they are. He begins to angrily storm out and tells his Pokémon to join him, and they all do, however, Amaura stays back. Calem angrily tells her to get in her Pokéball but she doesn’t, resulting in him throwing her Pokémon on the ground and telling her he doesn’t need a weak worthless Pokémon on his team, before storming out.

Shocked, Lexi begins to sob and Valerie tells her that the way he acted was disgraceful and that she hopes he feels bad. Sycamore tries to comfort Lexi, but Lexi pushes him away.

Elsewhere, a slightly calm Calem walks into a café; he orders a hot chocolate before sitting down at a table. He punches the table and a tear roles down his cheek. He then pulls out his phone and texts someone. A few moments later, a waiter taps him on the shoulder and tells him that someone is waiting for him in the corner. Calem goes over and sits down, with two Flare Grunts sat at either side. He sits there for a second, before a man remarks that he takes it that he’s had enough and wants to join cause. Calem sternly says yes, before the man sits in the chair, takes a sip of his coffee, and reveals himself to be Lysandre. He simply says to him, Team Flare welcomes you.

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