Xenial Destiny series
Time To Toughen Up!
Air date April 02, 2014 XY046 Season Invasion

Lexi and Valerie sit in Sycamore’s Lab, quiet. Suddenly, Valerie stands up and tells Lexi maybe they should go. Lexi wipes the tears from her face and agrees. Lexi looks over to Amaura and strokes its head. She tells her that she’ll look after her until Calem returns. Amaura smiles sadly, before returning to its Pokéball. The two are about to leave, before Sycamore enters. He gives a sympathetic smile, before telling them he has someone he wants them to meet. He introduces Brigette; he explains that he known Brigette for a long time and that she’s a computer technician from Hoenn who’s been involved in investigating crime. She came to Kalos a few months ago after the first rumblings of a crime spree in Lumiose City began. He called her to possibly join them to see if Team Flare interacts with them again so she can help intervene. Sycamore goes onto explain that she’s actually training to become a Mega Master also, and that she and Lexi might be able to bounce techniques and training off each other. They all greet each other, and Brigette explains that Sycamore filled her in on all the details and she wants to help the best way she can. She continues to admit that she’d like to also explore Kalos a bit more seeming she’s been working all the time. Lexi welcomes her to the group. Sycamore asks the girls what they’re planning to do now and Lexi looked at Valerie, and suggests that maybe they should head to the Laverre Gym. Valerie begins to speak but Lexi interrupts her telling her that maybe she should return to the Gym so she stays out of harm’s way while Team Flare are still around. Valerie begins to speak again but Lexi won’t take no for an answer. Valerie accepts it, and they decide they are heading to Laverre City. Sycamore tells them good luck and he hopes they don’t run into Team Flare.

The group leave Sycamore’s Lab and Valerie puts her hand on Lexi’s shoulder. Lexi decides she’s not going to dwell on Calem leaving and will instead put her focus into her battling.

Meanwhile, Lysandre and Calem stand in a lift, in which they arrive in a basement. Lysandre introduces Calem to Aliana, Celosia, Xerosic, Mable and Bryony. He explains that Calem is a special recruit and supports their cause. They all coldly welcome him. Lysandre then shows Calem to a balcony. Lysandre shouts to get the attention of the Grunts on the basement floor, who all stand to attention. Lysandre tells them all that Calem is his protégé and will have a prominent role in the new world. He then tells them all to get back to work.

Lexi, Valerie and Brigette walk along the sidewalk in Lumiose City, but Lexi stops suddenly. Valerie and Brigette look back and Lexi is looking towards a building. She tells them that she’s got an idea. They all walk into the building, which is revealed to be a fighting dojo. A large man walks up to Lexi and asks her what she’s come for, and she tells him that she wants to work on defending and attacking against others. The man tells her he will help train her. Brigette decides to join in, but Valerie decides to pass.

Brigette and Lexi are taken through an intense training session in the Dojo. They go through kick-boxing, boxing, tight-rope, uphill running, jogging and fight simulations. Brigette seems to persevere throughout the training, but Lexi seems to be struggling with the fight with Calem very much on her mind. The Dojo Master comes out and confirms he’s been watching Lexi’s training and knows she holds a heavy weight in her mind and heart. She reveals that she feels guilty as all the feelings Calem has towards her has caused him to resent her. The Dojo Master tells her she needs to use this emotion and put it into energy and compassion when battling. Lexi finally understands and begins training once again. She goes through the intense training course swiftly, ultimately finishing the course successfully.

In the end, Lexi and Brigette bond through the experience and Valerie looks on happily that Lexi has found a resolution to her fight with Calem. Now back on form, Lexi, Brigette and Valerie leave the Dojo happily.

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