Xenial Destiny series
The Stormy Nightmare!
Air date April 05, 2014 XY047 Season Invasion
  • Brigette, Lexi and Valerie leave Lumiose City.
  • Shauna calls Lexi and the group meet up with Shauna, Trevor and Tierno where they decide to visit the Scary House on the Laverre Nature Trail.
  • The group enter the Scary House and are locked in.
  • The group are spooked when strange things begin to happen in the house.
  • Trevor falls ill unexpectedly, and unable to escape, can't help him.
  • Tierno and Valerie find a secret passage and become stuck behind the wall, in which they follow a path to an outside cavern.
  • Lexi, Brigette and Shauna find a book detailing whats happened in the house before.
  • Valerie, Tierno and a mysterious man enter from behind the secret passage. The man tells the group a story.
  • Shortly after the story ends, the man explains that the house really isn't haunted but he likes to play pranks to keep people coming to his house.
  • Confused, the group leave the Scary House.
  • Shauna, Tierno and Trevor head their separate ways, while Lexi, Brigette and Valerie close in on Laverre City.

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