Xenial Destiny series
A Fashionable Mess!
Air date April 09, 2014 XY048 Season Invasion
  • The group arrive in Laverre City.
  • Valerie returns to the Laverre City Gym to find it a complete mess and Gym Badges being handed out to anyone.
  • Valerie is told that the stand-in Gym Leader left just after she left and that the Gym has been closed since.
  • Lexi and Brigette offer to help Valerie get the Gym back in top form.
  • Valerie battles against one of her Gym Trainers to take back Leadership of the Gym.
  • After decorating and cleaning, the Laverre City Gym is restored.
  • Valerie officially opens the Gym back up.
  • Lexi proposes to battle Valerie for her sixth Gym badge.

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