Xenial Destiny series
Sneaking in the Pokéball Factory!
Air date April 16, 2014 XY050 Season Invasion
  • Lexi and Brigette discover that Shauna and Trevor are being chased by Team Flare after they tried to get into the Pokéball Factory
  • Shauna reveals that something strange is going on inside, and Lexi suggests she and Brigette go in to investigate.
  • Shauna and Trevor distract the guards as Lexi and Brigette sneak into the Factory.
  • Lexi and Brigette are attacked by Team Flare members but they easily take them down.
  • They discover that people are being held hostage and that Team Flare are planning to steal the Pokéballs for their plans.
  • Lexi and Brigette sneak through the factory to the main mechanics room and sabotague the machine to stop Team Flare from getting more Pokéballs.
  • The duo are stopped by Celosia and Bryony who tell them they won't let them escape this time.

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