Xenial Destiny series
The Lost Hotel!
Air date April 26, 2014 XY053 Season Invasion
  • Lexi and Brigette walk towards Dendemille Town alongside Brigette's new Pokémon, Klefki.
  • The duo arrive at the end of a road with two alternate routes.
  • Unaware of the area, the two decide to take a chance and go to the left.
  • Lexi and Brigette continue walking until they arrive at a set of stairs.
  • The two look at each other unsure, however, they decide that someone might be there to help them find where to go.
  • A Pokémon watches them from behind.
  • They walk down the stairs and find a hotel looking building. They continue to walk down the corridor, but they can't find anybody.
  • Turning the corner, they see a man in front of them. They go up to him to ask him where they are but he ignores them.
  • Brigette angrily asks him again, and he turns around and tells them they are in the Lost Hotel.
  • They ask what the Lost Hotel is, and he reveals they've trespassed onto their land.
  • A group of trainers soon surround them.
  • One turns to the rest revealing that they recognize Lexi, the girl that 'the man' told them about. Another one turns and asks them if they mean the men in the orange suits, and they say yes.
  • Lexi realizes that they must mean Team Flare, and tries to escape.
  • The gang stop them, and tell them that they will let them go if they battle their way out.
  • The duo fight against the gang members one by one until only two are left. The Pokémon comes forward and fights on behalf of Lexi.
  • The battle is hard, but Brigette and Lexi win.
  • Angered, the gang surround them and say they're going to kill them anyway.
  • Brigette and Lexi fight everyone, and in a split second, the Pokémon once again comes out and protects Lexi. She then drags an in-danger Brigette just in time and escape the hotel.
  • Out of the Hotel, the two quickly run away. They arrive back at the path they began on, and head the other way, suspecting they are on their way to Dendemille Town.
  • The Pokémon comes out of the Lost Hotel also, and comes before Lexi.
  • Brigette notices that it's a Phantump.
  • Lexi thanks the Phantump, then notices it wants to join her.
  • Lexi is unsure at first, but says she's going to need all the help she can get soon enough.
  • She throws a Pokéball and captures the Phantump.

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