Xenial Destiny series
A Windy Visit!
Air date April 30, 2014 XY054 Season Invasion
  • Lexi and Brigette arrive in Dendemille Town finally, exhausted after their previous battle.
  • Professor Sycamore calls Lexi and asks where she is, before saying he's coming to meet her.
  • Sycamore arrives quickly and sits down with Brigette and Lexi.
  • Lexi explains what happened and Sycamore becomes angry that she's under threat.
  • Lexi thanks him, but explains that she's come to terms with the fact she's under threat, and that she can handle Team Flare.
  • Sycamore tells her that he has something else to explain to Lexi.
  • He reveals that he's been hearing that there is a Legendary Pokémon, thought to have been asleep for hundreds of years, that has awoken.
  • He continues to reveal that if this Pokémon has awoken, then it means that something is going to happen soon that is out of their control.
  • He explains that he wants Lexi to prepare for the worst.
  • He is just about to continue, before Lexi receives a call.
  • Lexi discovers that Lysandre is on the other end, and begins to tell him that she'll have to call him back, but he just tells her he's calling about Calem.
  • Shocked, Lexi asks him what about Calem, and he reveals that he's discovered that Calem is in a bad state and could use her help.
  • Lexi stands still, quiet, unsure of what to say. She then angrily tells him that she doesn't care about Calem and that he deserves everything he got, before hanging up.
  • Lysandre stands on the other line, and smiles, before turning to Calem and telling him that he told him that she didn't care. Calem looks on, angrily.
  • Sycamore tells Lexi to take care of herself, before leaving. Lexi and Brigette leave the PokéCenter. They suddenly spot Trevor in the distance, and run up to him. He greets them, before telling them he's going to travel into the Frost Cavern. Lexi and Brigette look towards him, before asking them if they can come along.

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