Xenial Destiny series
The Frosty Expedition!
Air date May 03, 2014 XY055 Season Invasion
  • Trevor, along with Lexi and Brigette walk up a steep hill as they look towards the Frost Cavern.
  • They arrive just on the outside of the cave where a few Mamoswine stand with Trainers.
  • The Mamoswine begin acting out in fits of rage.
  • Trevor realises that something must be wrong for them to be acting strangely.
  • A nearby trainer explains that he thinks so too, as Mamoswine have always lived in peace at the Frost Cavern. But when things are out of order or things are about to go wrong, they go beserk.
  • Lexi suggests tells them they need to check it out.
  • Trevor looks a little scared, but takes a deep breath and follows Lexi and Brigette.
  • They head through the Cavern, and soon enough they come to see members of Team Flare.
  • Lexi and Brigette, stealthily move through the Cavern, taking out the Team Flare members as they go along.
  • They soon arrive at a large opening, where Brigette spots Team Flare up ahead, along with an Abomasnow.

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