Xenial Destiny series
A Courageous Confrontation!
Air date May 07, 2014 XY056 Season Invasion
  • They are agitating and abusing the Abomasnow, trying to coax it's abilities.
  • Brigette and Lexi tell Trevor to stay put while they confront Team Flare.
  • They both head up to them and Team Flare realize their presence. A blue haired girl introduces herself as Mable, an Administrator of Team Flare.
  • She tells them that they need Abomasnow for their big plan, but it's no concern of theirs as they are about to be eliminated.
  • Lexi jokes that she's been told that so many times, and laughs, but Team Flare attack them.
  • Lexi and Brigette defend themselves, while Mable attacks the Abomasnow. Trevor comes from behind a rock and shouts at Mable, telling her that she's cruel and barbaric and that she will pay for her treatment of the Pokémon.
  • Mable goes to attack Trevor, but he defends himself with his Pokémon.
  • The two of them battle, while Lexi and Brigette fight against the Team Flare Grunts.
  • Mable makes an explosion to stop Trevor, but the Cavern begins to violently shake, suggesting that it's going to collapse. Team Flare make a hasty escape, while Lexi, Brigette and Trevor scramble together. Trevor tells the Abomasnow to come with them, but it won't, seemingly wanting to protect the Cavern.
  • Lexi tells Trevor they have to go, grabbing him as they run.
  • They all run through the Cavern as snow falls around them, quickly dodging obstacles exiting the Cavern.
  • The Cavern soon stops shaking and the trio jump to the floor outside the Cavern.
  • They get to their feet, and the Abomasnow stands up on the Cavern to signal it's ok.
  • Trevor is relieved, and shouts to it bye, before they all head down the mountain again.
  • Lexi complains that Team Flare aren't going to stop, and that Trevor should probably lay low.
  • Trevor refuses, telling them that he now has courage to stand up against Team Flare if they cross paths.
  • Lexi and Brigette laugh, before heading off, discovering the next town is through a thick snow passage.

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