Xenial Destiny series
Traversing Through the Snow!
Air date May 10, 2014 XY057 Season Invasion
  • Brigette and Lexi walk towards a herd of Mamoswine.
  • They mount the Mamoswine, and begin to head through the snow.
  • The instructor tells them to be careful of sink holes and be careful to spot any Pokémon
  • Brigette and Lexi talk about Lexi's upcoming Gym battle, with Brigette asking about her plans in the battle.
  • Lexi reveals she's unsure of her team, revealing that she wouldn't mind finding another team mate to complete her team.
  • Suddenly, the two girls realise that the instructor is way in front. The snow begins to thicken as it falls, making it increasingly hard to navigate through.
  • Soon enough, a Pokémon walks in front of them, hearing them.
  • It casts an attack and stops the snow from being so thick.
  • The two girls thank it, which flatters it.
  • It begins to show off to the two girls, but becomes too excited and falls into a large pile of snow.
  • They all laugh, however, moments later, a swarm of Sneasel scatter through the snow.
  • Lexi demounts from Mamoswine and helps Brigette down, before they both notice the Sneasel.
  • The Sneasel scare the Mamoswine, both of which rapidly run back to the Ranch.
  • Lexi and Brigette try to chase them but the snow becomes too thick again.
  • They both try to get out their Pokémon but they are all iced up.
  • The two begin to walk, however the Sneasel attack the Bergmite
  • Realising it's hurting, Lexi notices a passage and grabs the Bergmite and then Brigette before exiting through it.
  • They end up in a large walkway with walls of ice and snow, running through as the Sneasel follow them.
  • The two accidentally split up, but they continue to run apart. Lexi finds herself stuck in a dead-end with Bergmite
  • A group of Sneasel catch up to her and are about to attack when Bergmite jumps down and charges in their way and knocks them down.
  • Running a little further, her, Bergmite and Brigette come together again before they run back up to the entrance.
  • The Sneasel all turn up and surround the girls, before Lexi begins to command Bergmite to attack for her.
  • It takes a while, but the Pokémon successfully takes down all the Sneasel.
  • Thankful, Lexi and Brigette thank the Bergmite.
  • The Bergmite seems receptive, before it points to where Brigette fell.
  • The girls realise that the pile was in fact the Sneasels home.
  • With the help of Bergmite, the girls fix the home and the Sneasel return.
  • Seeing this, they become happy and return to their home.
  • Up a head, the instructor turns up realising they were stranded.
  • The two are about to leave when Lexi turns back to the Bergmite.
  • Lexi realises it's lonely, and so asks it if it wants to join her.
  • The Bergmite jumps with joy, and Lexi realises that must mean yes.
  • She takes out an unfrozen Pokéball, before catching the Bergmite.
  • She happily jumps on the Instructor's Mamoswine before they depart once more.

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