Xenial Destiny series
An Unfriendly Gym Battle!
Air date May 14, 2014 XY058 Season Invasion
  • Arriving in Anistar City, Lexi is mesmerized by the sights.
  • Brigette see's a Boutique and tells Lexi she's going to go shopping.
  • Lexi tells Brigette she's gonna head to the elderly lady's house that Sycamore suggested to her.
  • They go their seperate ways.
  • Meanwhile, Calem arrives in Laverre City after being brought there by Lysandre.
  • Lysandre asks if he'll be ok, and Calem confidently says yes, before closing the door.
  • He walks up to the Laverre City Gym, looks up at it, before walking in.
  • Lexi arrives at the elderly ladies home, knocking, before the door opens and Lexi walks in.
  • She walks into a room with an elderly lady who is sat in a large room with no one else but a table and a second chair.
  • Lexi sits down, before the elderly lady greets her warmly as 'Alexis'.
  • Shocked, Lexi asks her how she knows her name.
  • The woman claims she knows all about Lexi and her story. Past and Present. She then asks her if she's hear about Xerneas.
  • Lexi asks whom Xerneas is, but remarks that she came at the request of Professor Sycamore.
  • The elderly woman explains that Xerneas is the Legendary Pokémon of 'Life' whom has the ability to give and restore life energy.
  • Calem enters the Laverre City Gym and barges through before seeing Valerie. Valerie sees him and her face drops into a serious expression.
  • Calem explains that he wants to battle.
  • Valerie says sure, that she has some unwanted anger she needs to vent.
  • Lexi explains to the elderly woman that Xerneas is thought to have awoken.
  • The elderly lady becomes frantic and starts telling Lexi that she doesn't have much time then.
  • Lexi tries to calm her down but is unable to.
  • The women then tells Lexi she has to tell her something.
  • Calem and Valerie battle.
  • After a few rounds of insults and angry battling, Calem defeats Valerie.
  • He kicks and pushes several items in the Gym, before leaving.
  • Brigette finishes up and heads towards the house Lexi went into.
  • Lexi walks out, looking shocked.
  • Brigette asks whats a matter, but Lexi says nothing.
  • The two head off, before Lexi gets a call.
  • She looks at her phone and see's that it's Calem.

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