Xenial Destiny series
The Demanding Call!
Air date May 17, 2014 XY059 Season Invasion
  • Lexi answers her phone to Calem, who simply says he wants to battle.
  • Lexi is silent, before agreeing. She tells him she's outside the Anistar City Gym before hanging up.
  • Lexi begins to worry and also become angry, Brigette tells her to prepare.
  • Lexi runs to the PokéCenter, gets her team out and begins to cry.
  • She wipes away her tears before exiting again, before she see's Calem with Brigette.
  • Lexi walks up to him, and Calem stares at her.
  • She suggests they just get the battle over and done with, in which Calem agrees.
  • The two battle violently and angrily towards each other.
  • Calem mocks Lexi's Fennekin for being weak and not reaching it's full potential, which hits a nerve.
  • Lexi and Calem battle more and more becoming more violent towards each other.
  • Eventually, Lexi successfully beats Calem in the battle.
  • Calem fires into a rage before storming off once more.
  • Lexi falls to the ground, crying.
  • Brigette falls to her, before a woman exits the Gym.
  • She introduces herself as Olympia and tells her to meet her in the Gym.
  • Brigette reveals that was the Anistar City Gym Leader.
  • Lexi wipes away her tears once more, deciding to take on the Gym.
  • Calem arrives back with Lysandre as his Café, before telling Lysandre that he thinks it's time.

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