Xenial Destiny series
Anistar Gym! Lexi vs. Olympia!
Air date May 21, 2014 XY060 Season Invasion
  • Lexi enters the Anistar Gym still shaken from her battle with Calem.
  • Brigette tries to calm her down and get her to compose herself, which Lexi is able to do.
  • Lexi navigates through the Gym luckily not facing any Trainers, before coming towards Olympia.
  • Olympia welcomes her and tells her that she's ready to battle, but asks Lexi if she is.
  • Lexi is silent, before walking confidently up to Olympia and saying of course she is.
  • Olympia looks at Lexi, before commencing the battle.
  • Olympia sends out Sigilyph and Lexi sends out Bergmite.
  • Lexi begins to get flashbacks of her battle with Calem which leads to Bergmite being defeated.
  • Olympia sends out Slowking and Lexi sends out Floette.
  • Lexi once again gets flashbacks of her battle once again resulting in her Pokémon being defeated.
  • Olympia asks Lexi if she wants to stop, but Lexi refuses.
  • Olympia sends out her third Pokémon Medicham, while Lexi sends out Fennekin.
  • Both Fennekin and Lexi are distracted, but Olympia continues to battle.
  • Fennekin becomes badly injured while battling, and Olympia seizes the battle
  • Lexi once again bursts into tears and anger, with Brigette looking on crying herself.
  • Olympia picks Lexi up and helps her towards a small room.
  • Olympia and Lexi sits down where Lexi explains everything with Calem.
  • Olympia suggests that she takes her emotions and channel them into concentration.
  • Olympia notes that Fennekin maybe dealing with thoughts of evolution.
  • Lexi speaks to Fennekin telling her that she's only wants Fennekin to evolve if she wants to, but Fennekin seems unsure.
  • In control again, Lexi requests a rematch with Olympia, which she accepts.

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