Xenial Destiny series
The Announcement
Air date May 27, 2014 XY062 Season Invasion
  • Lexi steps out of the Anistar City and she and Brigette hug.
  • Lexi thanks Brigette for joining her, and Brigette thanks Lexi for showing her how to really be a trainer.
  • The two laugh a little, and Lexi turns to Braixen.
  • She congratulates it on evolving and asks if she was happy, in which Braixen nods.
  • Braixen reaches into Lexi's bag and hold her Pokéball.
  • Lexi asks her if she wants to return to her Pokéball, in which Braixen nods.
  • Lexi hugs Braixen, before returning her to her Pokéball.
  • Brigette asks if she's going to bring any others out with her.
  • Lexi says yes, sending out Pancham. She asks Pancham if it wants to journey with her outside of it's Pokéball, in which it leaps into Lexi's arms happily.
  • Suddenly, Lexi's Holo Caster begins to ring.
  • Brigette's follows, before they notice everyone around them is also getting calls. Suddenly, all the power goes off around them.
  • Everyone goes silent, before a large TV screen turns on.
  • Lysandre appears, and begins to speak:

Pokémon Trainers. I come to you to make an important announcement. Listen well. Team Flare has been working tirelessly for years to make the world a beautiful place for both Pokémon and humans. This has been an effort that has been lost as the Earth continues to be filled with ugliness and hatred as the many species within it continue to evolve and grow. But not anymore. We will revive the ultimate weapon, enslave you all and construct a beautiful world upon your eternally living bodies. Unproductive fools are consuming our future... If nothing changes, the world will become uglier and conflicts will raze the land from end to end. I repeat. We will use the ultimate weapon and wipe the slate clean with you all paying for ugliness. This is adieu to you all.

  • The feed cuts out, and the power is restored.
  • Everyone remains silent, before chaos ensues.
  • Everyone begins to run riot. Screams, jeers, outcries can be heard.
  • Lexi and Brigette are caught up in the crowd, becoming lost from one another.
  • Lexi becomes frantic and walks through the crowd.
  • Brigette turns through the crowd, before she's pulled by her arm.
  • Lexi soon finds a small alley and falls to the ground. She begins to breath heavily and look around.
  • She stumbles to find her phone before ringing Professor Sycamore.
  • Lexi arrives inside Professor Sycamore's Lab.
  • Sycamore apologizes for the riots, but reveals that people have been going crazy since the announcement.
  • Lexi walks into Sycamore's office where she is greeted by several people, including Tierno, Shauna, Trevor & several Gym Leaders.
  • Lexi reveals that she lost Brigette in the riots, and that she battled with Calem before.
  • Sycamore looks sheepish, before revealing that it's most likely that since Calem has been hanging around with Lysandre that he could be involved with Team Flare.
  • Shauna reveals that she's tried contacting her family but no one is answering, and that all stores are closed.
  • Clemont reveals that all the Gym's have shut and that most people are trying to flee or escape, and that there are civilians causing chaos.
  • Tierno says that they need to find where Lysandre is hiding and get him.
  • Sycamore reveals that he has an idea.
  • Meanwhile, Aliana walks into Lysandre's office and asks what they should do with their guest, and Lysandre simply tells her to keep him quiet for now.

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