Xenial Destiny series
Infiltrating the Enemy!
Air date May 31, 2014 XY063 Season Invasion
  • Lexi suggests that she, Korrina and Grant go undercover in a hope to find Lysandre.
  • Sycamore tells them it's too risky, and they can't put themselves in danger.
  • Lexi demands that she does this as she needs to stop Lysandre, and so, Sycamore agrees.
  • Grant, Korrina and Lexi head outside where they take out three Team Flare grunts.
  • Now changed into their clothes, Sycamore begins to wonder where Lysandre is hidden.
  • The group muse of different locations, before Sycamore realizes that he must be in Lumiose City.
  • They decide that this is probably the best place to start.
  • The group begin planning how to get in.
  • Once the plan is made, Lexi, Grant and Korrina head out of the Lab.
  • The three head into Lumiose City and begin trailing around the other Grunts.
  • After going around Lumiose City, Grant notices Aliana walking into Lysandre Café.
  • Lexi realizes that she has seen Lysandre just appear in the Café while she's been there before, and realizes this must be where Lysandre's hiding.
  • The three enter the Café, in which they stroll towards the bar and ask the bartender to let them through.
  • The bartender acts oblivious, but Grant asks again.
  • The bartender opens up the passage, and the three set to enter. The bartender says that they've been expecting them for hours, but they shrug him off.
  • They're about to walk through the passage when three Grunts walk in.
  • The bartender realizes that they aren't who they say they are, and Grant, Korrina and Lexi begin to fight with the others.
  • Once all knocked out, the trio hide the bodies behind the bar, before contacting the others to tell them where the hideout is, and head inside.

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