Xenial Destiny series
Extinguishing Flames!
Air date June 04, 2014 XY064 Season Invasion
  • Lexi, Grant and Korrina are joined by Valerie and Tierno as they all enter Lysandre's Labs.
  • Upon entering, they find a long narrow black corridor, desolate.
  • The group walk through the hall before they halt at the sound of voices.
  • They stop slowly, but they are easily spotted and attacked. Korrina and Grant easily fight them off and send them to the ground.
  • The rest of the group follow on, pacing rapidly through the hallways, taking down anyone in their way.
  • The group fight many different Team Flare members, all of whom fight against another member of the team.
  • Suddenly, as they walk through a hall, Lexi halts, turning, before seeing Lysandre.
  • She rushes towards him, with the others following shortly after.
  • A Houndoom rushes in front of them and stops them, sending Lexi to the floor.
  • Lysandre laughs at them, before beginning to fight with them.
  • They all fight with him.
  • Suddenly, Calem appears out of nowhere, startling Lexi.
  • She ends up being in the way of Korrina, who accidentally kicks Lexi instead of Lysandre.
  • Lysandre then ends up escaping.

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