Xenial Destiny series
The Key to the Core?
Air date June 07, 2014 XY065 Season Invasion
  • After previously escaping, suddenly, a video begins to play from a screen.
  • It's Lysandre, whom tells the group that in the Lab there is several members of Team Flare.
  • One of them holds the key to the door that will lead them to him, but they have to find them by defeating them all; the feed then cuts out.
  • Lexi decides that they should stick together, taking them all down one by one.
  • They soon see a door open to their left, before walking through it together.
  • They arrive to see all the admins of Team Flare stood before them - Aliana, Mable, Bryony and Celosia.
  • The group begin to fight them, with each side sending out Pokémon.
  • Lexi fights with Mable, Grant with Celosia, Korrina with Bryony and Valerie with Mable.
  • All of Lexi's Pokémon fight against the opposition also.
  • After a heated battle, Lexi realises that none of them have the key, but Xerosic - who is stood in the back, does.
  • She takes down Mable, but soon enough, Grant, Korrina and Valerie are all in compromising positions.
  • The Team Flare members threaten to kill the three Trainers, and so, Lexi obeys what they say.
  • Soon enough, Lexi realizes a wire which can crush the Team Flare members, but it's tricky.
  • Lexi wonders whether or not to loosen the wire as the Team Flare members laugh at the groups seeming defeat.

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