Xenial Destiny series
Calem's Revenge!
Air date June 11, 2014 XY066 Season Invasion
  • Lexi looks to Korrina, who also sees the wire. They both nod at each other.
  • Korrina tackles Bryony, Grant kicks Celosia and Valerie knees Aliana, and quickly run to Lexi's side as she pulls the wire, pelting a lighting set onto the group.
  • Lexi grabs the key from a cowardly Xerosic and the group leave.
  • The group run through the halls, navigating through the narrow corridors, taking down any Team Flare members they see.
  • Suddenly, as they continue to run, they are halted as they see Calem before them.
  • They all halt, and Lexi look turns angry.
  • Lexi pushes past the other members and faces Calem.
  • The group look at him angrily, and Calem asks them all if they're surprised.
  • Valerie and Shauna both shout at Calem, but he just laughs at them.
  • Grant begins to walk forward, but Lexi puts her arm in front of him to stop him.
  • She steps forward and goes to punch him, however Calem grabs her hand and twists her arm.
  • She kicks his knee, and soon enough the two begin to fight.
  • After a while of fighting, Lexi pulls out a Pokéball. Calem laughs saying that her Pokémon are no match for his, but Lexi lets out Amaura.
  • Calem halts and his face turns sour, realizing that its his Amaura. The Amaura goes to walk towards him but he goes to attack, which is blocked by Lexi.
  • The two confront one another about their problems, but Calem admits that he has more strength now than Lexi could ever imagine.
  • The two fight a little more, before Lexi punches him straight in the face, causing him to faint.
  • Suddenly, a man laughs and claps behind them all.
  • With no one around, Lexi notices a door behind the group.
  • She once again pushes past them, and inserts the key, unlocking the door.
  • Lexi walks into the room, but before the group can, the door is shut behind her and locked once more by a man.
  • The man turns and reveals himself to be Lysandre.

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