Xenial Destiny series
The Kings Story!
Air date June 14, 2014 XY067 Season Invasion
  • The group bang on the door and try to force it open, but it's no use.
  • Lexi stands still as Lysandre compliments her on taking down his Scientists, musing that maybe he should of focused on making them better battlers.
  • Lexi goes to tackle Lysandre, but he's too quick and strong and easily stops her.
  • A man then speaks to her, resulting in her turning around, only for her to see AZ.
  • She exclaims his name, and Lysandre asks if the two have met, before sitting in his chair eating an apple.
  • AZ then asks Lexi to listen to his story:

A terribly long time ago... There was a man and a Pokémon. He loved that Pokémon very much. A war began. The man's beloved Pokémon took part in the war. Several years passed. He was given a tiny box. Tge man wanted to bring the Pokémon back. No matter what it took. The man built a machine to give it life. He brought his beloved Pokémon back. The man had suffered too much. His rage had not subsided. He could not forgive the world that and hurt the Pokémon he loved. He turned the machine into the ultimate weapon. The man became a bringer of destruction that ended the war. The Pokémon that was give life must have known... That the lives of many Pokémon were taken to restore its life. The resurrected Pokémon left the man.

  • He then tells her to get the key back from Lysandre.
  • Lysandre explains that AZ has lived for 3,000 years, before telling him to follow him.
  • Lexi refuses to do so, but AZ tells her to follow him. And reiterates to her to get the key back.
  • Lexi arrives at a room, which Xerosic and Lysandre stand in.
  • Lysandre tells Lexi that there are two buttons, one which sets the Ultimate Weapon to activate, the other, will leave it buried in the ground.
  • Lexi refuses to press any of the buttons, and Lysandre just leaves.
  • Xerosic tells her to push the button or else.
  • Lexi turns to face Xerosic and asks him to make her.

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