Xenial Destiny series
The Familiar Betrayal!
Air date June 18, 2014 XY068 Season Invasion
  • Xerosic and Lexi begin a Pokémon battle.
  • Lexi battles well, and is able to defeat Xerosic quite easily.
  • The rest of the group enter the room, looking to Lexi.
  • Xerosic tells her that it's no matter, that he'll just press the button to activate the machine.
  • Lexi laughs and heads over to the other button, heading to press it.
  • Suddenly, someone else presses the other button.
  • Lexi looks on shocked, before turning.
  • Everyone is flabbergasted to see Trevor, standing pressing the button.
  • He walks to Xerosic and helps him up, calling him 'Uncle Xerosic'.
  • Everyone looks on in shock, before Tierno and Shauna ask Trevor what he's doing.
  • Trevor explains that he had to help live up to his family name, shocking everyone.
  • The ground begins to shake firociously, resulting in everyone falling to the ground.
  • Suddenly, a screen lowers showing Geosenge Town.
  • The three stones in the center collapse into the ground, and the ultimate weapon rises from the ground high up into the air.
  • The machine begins to glow and opens up like a flower, pulsing into the air, before flying back onto the ground.
  • Everyone looks on in shock, and Trevor laughs and looks on in excitement.
  • Trevor begins to mock everyone, but a womens voice tells him to pack it in.
  • He tells everyone to welcome his sister; in which Brigette walks in from the darkness.
  • Everyone looks on shocked once again, covered in cold sweat.
  • Trevor explains that he and Brigette are Lysandre's protegé's, and that they've been keeping tabs on Lexi.
  • Suddenly, Meowstic come out of their Pokéballs.
  • Artemis looks on confused, however, Luna looks to him and apologizes, before walking beside Trevor.
  • Lexi looks on in shock, but Trevor explains that Luna has been working for Team Flare the whole time.
  • Artemis looks on in anger, and Luna just smirks and turns away.
  • Brigette looks on sad, and tries to explain that she never wanted to hurt them but was just making sure that Trevor was always safe.
  • Lexi refuses to listen, and tells them that she's going to find their master and kill him in cold blood.
  • Trevor laughs and says that everyone will suffer before she can, but Lexi walks out.
  • Everyone follows, but Shauna and Tierno, who hold back, looking to Trevor.
  • He winks at them, and the two then leave.
  • Lexi walks along the hall, still shocked about what just happened. They all stand before the Lysandre Café door, hearing screams.
  • They all look to each other, before they open the door.

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