Xenial Destiny series
The Declaration!
Air date June 21, 2014 XY069 Season Invasion
  • The group opens the door to find Lumiose City in even worse state than before.
  • A horde of Pokémon and Trainers surround the group and, one by one, are lost within the crowd.
  • Lexi manages to escape and shouts frantically for the others.
  • She see's Grant, who tells her to go find Professor Sycamore.
  • She hesitantly agrees, before running off.
  • Running through the city, she witnesses fights, attempted molestation, bodies and injured people all around, with people running frantically around causing havoc.
  • Lexi is suddenly confronted by a group of men, who attempt to grab her.
  • Pancham jumps from Lexi's shoulder and stands in their way.
  • The men laugh and kick Pancham, but Lexi hits them before they can.
  • Lexi sends out her Pokémon, all of who attack the Trainers.
  • Lexi manages to take down all the men, and retreat her Pokémon.
  • Finding herself outside Sycamore's Lab and quickly runs inside.
  • While there, she finds Sycamore sitting alone in his office.
  • She quickly runs to him telling him about what happened, before Lysandre steps out from the shadows and reveals himself.
  • Lysandre explains that he's had enough of her being in the way, but that it won't matter soon enough.
  • Lexi begins to run towards him and hits him, but he brushes her off and pushes her to the ground.
  • He puts handcuffs around one of her hands and attaches the second to the table.
  • He picks up Sycamore and throws him to the floor, and then sits in his chair, before turning on the monitor in front of him.
  • Lysandre then begins to speak:

I come to you once more, your future Master and Leader Lysandre, to tell you that I will give you 8 hours before this world will end. I will show leniency to those of you who wish to join me. You will be spared. For the rest of you - you will live your life on this Earth forever, in a state of immortality under slavery of my command. For those who want to be spared - hand yourself in to a member of Team Fare. I implore you to chose wisely.

  • Lexi and Sycamore look on, Sycamore partially unconscious, Lexi crying in anger.

The clock begins.

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