Xenial Destiny series
8 Hours to Go
Air date June 23, 2014 XY070 Season Invasion
  • Lexi wakes, unable to break free. She shouts to Sycamore, but he remains lifeless.
  • She continues to struggle, before she notices her bag across the room. She then notices Pancham in a cage.
  • Lexi shouts to Pancham, but it's unresponsive. She continues to do so, before the Pancham wakes.
  • It notices it's surroundings and soon shouts to Lexi.
  • Lexi asks it to calm down, before telling it to focus.
  • Pancham then begins to attack the bars of its cage, loosing them bit by bit.
  • Soon enough, the bars broke. It ran to Lexi, hugged her, before helping her get lose from her chains.
  • Lexi rushes to her feet before rushing towards Sycamore.
  • Unable to wake him, Lexi stumbles to the sink, filling a stationary cup of water before throwing it over his face.
  • Sycamore raises, gasping for air.
  • Lexi explains what happened, and Sycamore frantically runs to the window.
  • He looks on as the City is manic, with people running wild and others sitting alone in sorrow.
  • Sycamore tells Lexi to send a message to anyone and everyone she knows.
  • Lexi sends a group message to everyone in her phone to where she is and to come if they can.
  • Sycamore sits next to his desk on the floor, and Lexi falls beside him.
  • Sycamore explains that he never believed Lysandre would do something like this, claiming that he was always a cherished friend of his.
  • He goes on to say that he thinks that maybe Lysandre has been led on by someone else, and that, Lysandre may not be acting alone.
  • In that moment, the door bell to the Lab rings, and Lexi and Sycamore look to each other.
  • Slowly, Lexi rises to her feet, walks to the door, and stands intently by the door, before the door bell rings again.
  • She slowly turns the handle, before pulling the door open rapidly.
  • The door opens to show Korrina, Grant, Viola, Alexa, Clemont and Valerie all enter quickly, before shutting the door behind them.
  • Lexi hugs them all and thanks them for coming.
  • They explain that everywhere there is trouble, and that there is no sign of Team Flare or Lysandre, but that they were all visited by Team Flare members who wanted to recruit them.
  • Alexa explains that they need to find Lysandre and try anything to stop him from detonating the machine further, but explains that there is no chance of reaching Geosenge Town as it's being guarded intently. She finishes by saying that the other Gym Leaders are protecting their towns and cities the best they can.
  • Lexi then sits with Artemis, who sits in the corner. Lexi speaks to him, but he seems uninvolved, still shocked about his sister.
  • Lexi apologizes, but says that they will deal with it.
  • The door bell rings again, and everyone looks puzzled as to who it could be. Grant stands and heads to the door.
  • Everyone stands in silence, before Grant re-enters the room.
  • He tells Lexi that some man is here to see her, before the man walks in: it's Marlon.
  • Elsewhere, Lysandre stands in a room filled with scientists and tells them that Phase #2 is a go.

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