Xenial Destiny series
7: The Sign
Air date June 23, 2014 XY071 Season Invasion
  • The group continue to plan where Lysandre maybe.
  • Lexi stands aside with Marlon, and asks him what he's doing in Kalos.
  • He explains that he heard about what was going on and found out where she was through Professor Juniper. He continues to say that he was meaning to come visit her ages ago but could never get away.
  • Lexi admits that she's missed everyone, and often thought of coming back, but that she just felt she needed time away from Unova after everything that happened.
  • He then just stares at Lexi, before pushing back her hair. Lexi smiles, before she pulls herself away to everyone else.
  • Marlon looks on as she walks away, before following her.
  • Soon enough, the television switches on, and Lysandre appears onscreen once more.
  • Lexi shudders and turns away, and Marlon puts his arm around her shoulder.
  • Lysandre explains that he's saddened at the lack of willing participants to join his side. He explains that to show how serious he really is, he will launch an attack on Shalour City soon. He tells them to prepare.
  • Shocked, Korrina storms towards the door to head to her city, but she's stopped by Sycamore, who explains that her going anywhere near the city could be disasterous.
  • Lexi disagrees, and says they should head their.
  • Marlon explains that it's impossible to get to the city in good time.
  • Lexi disagrees once more, before asking Sycamore to use his PC.
  • Soon enough, she brings out her Arcanine. She jumps on it's back and Korrina jumps on behind her.
  • Marlon sends out his Swanna and jumps on it's back, and the trio head off towards Shalour City, with the others wishing them luck.
  • Bryony and Calem walk through the Tower of Mastery, with Team Flare Grunts marching through the halls. They seem to be planting bombs around.
  • Korrina, Lexi and Marlon arrive in Shalour City in no time, running towards the Tower of Mastery after a tip off from the townsfolk.
  • As they arrive in the Tower, they notice Bryony above. Korrina runs ahead but Lexi and Marlon are stopped by a group of Team Flare Grunts.
  • They all send out Pokémon and Arcanine and Swanna run in front of the duo to fight.
  • The Pokémon begin to fight each other, while Lexi and Marlon begin to fight against the Grunts.
  • Calem notices Lexi below, and Bryony looks at him and tells him to go and seek his revenge.
  • Marlon and Lexi finish off the Grunts, before Calem arrives.
  • Meanwhile, Korrina rushes up through the Tower and finds Lucario, setting him free and heading up to Bryony.
  • Celosia and Korrina meet, and Celosia thanks her for appearing, asking her how her work on Gurrkin worked.
  • Korrina realises that it was Bryony who murdered Gurkin, and the two begin to fight
  • Down stairs, Lexi goes to face Calem but Marlon steps in, asking Lexi if this is the bastard who caused all this.
  • Calem asks who he is and he explains that he's the guy who would do anything to protect Lexi.
  • This seems to annoy Calem, upon realizing the two seem to be romantically involved.
  • Marlon and Calem then begin to fight, while Lexi heads through the Tower removing all the bombs she can find.
  • Bryony and Korrina continue to fight, before Bryony explains that she's gonna end this here and now, and presses the bomb detonator. Korrina is hit by one of the bombs.
  • Lexi opens a door, before the bomb detonates and sends her hurtling down the center of the Tower of Mastery, only for her to be caught by Marlon.
  • Bryony runs down and tells Calem to retreat, but Calem stands watching Lexi and Marlon as he kisses Lexi.
  • Shocked, Calem shouts before running out of the building.

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