Xenial Destiny series
6: No Mercy
Air date June 24, 2014 XY072 Season Invasion
  • Lexi and Marlon rush up the stairs of The Tower of Mastery to find an injured Korrina. Grant and Valerie, who seem to have traveled after them arrive, finding the destruction. Grant carries Korrina out of the Tower and the rest walk through.
  • Korrina hands Lexi a small device, before being carried off to the Hospital.
  • Lexi realizes that the machine is a tracking device, which Lexi presumes was attatched to Celosia.
  • Realizing they know where she is, and probably the other Team Flare Grunts, Lexi passes the information to everyone else and admits they should go after them.
  • Everyone agrees, and Lexi discovers the location is once again in Lumiose City.
  • The group head back to the City, where they discover that they must be hiding in different locations in the city. They split into teams; Lexi and Clemont, Tierno and Valerie, Marlon and Shauna, then Sycamore and Grant.
  • Valerie and Tierno discover a ruckus in a Boutique, they suspect that someone is inside. They enter to find Aliana causing havoc and trying on clothes. Upon noticing the duo entering, she soon makes her Grunts attack them.
  • Sycamore and Grant enter the Lumiose Station, where they see several Grunts. Suspecting that someone is here, they are soon greeted by Celosia, who realized the two had entered. She tells them to catch her.
  • Marlon and Shauna enter Hotel Richissime after seeing guests running out of the Hotel. They enter to find Bryony kicking paperwork and setting fire to things using her Pokémon. She laughs as the two enter and jumps down, slaps Shauna across the room and begins to fight Marlon.
  • Clemont and Lexi enter Prism Tower, which is silent. A women begins to speak, but with nobody in sight, the two become wary. Suddenly, Mable walks out, holding Bonnie. Clemont shouts to his sister, but Mable just laughs.
  • Valerie and Tierno battle against Aliana, who seems to be uninterested in battling against them. She continues to send out Pokémon and Grunts to battle against them. The two are able to intervene and attack Aliana. Aliana fends them off and runs out the shop.
  • Sycamore and Grant rush around Lumiose Station chasing after Celosia. The two soon enough catch up to her and they all fight with their Pokémon. They soon climb on top of a Train, and begin to fight. After a while, a Train begins to move and Celosia is able to jump on. Grant and Sycamore try to get to her, but she gets away.
  • Marlon dodges around trying to get away. After a while, Marlon figures out how to deflect the attacks, and deflects it back to Bryony. Bryony screams and falls to the floor, and gets up and attacks Marlon. She strangles him, but luckily, Shauna rises and jumps on Bryony, who hits her head and gets knocked out.
  • Clemont begs Mable not to hurt Bonnie, but she continues to mock him and tell them she's going to slit her throat. Bonnie sobs uncontrollably, before Lexi tells her to stop and tell them what she wants.
  • Mable explains that she wants Lexi to give up and leave Team Flare alone, and that they're only trying to help the world reach it's potential.
  • While she's talking, Lexi notices the large light above Mable. She signals Clemont, who realizes about the light also.
  • Clemont then falls behind her, in which Mable looks back, before the light falls.
  • Mable releases Bonnie to move, and Bonnie lunges forward.
  • The light misses them both, but Mable furiously lunges at Lexi.
  • Mable however, in a slight moment, notices Bonnie is unguarded and jumps at her, slitting her throat.
  • Bonnie clings to her throat and Clemont runs to his sister, but Mable commands her Pokémon to grab Bonnie, and makes a hasty exit.
  • Clemont sobs as he see's his sisters body being dragged away from him, trying to catch up.
  • They get away, and Clemont falls to the ground. Lexi runs behind him and falls to the ground beside him, crying.

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