Xenial Destiny series
5: Loyalty Decided
Air date June 24, 2014 XY073 Season Invasion
  • Clemont is inconsolable at the potential loss of his sister, and sits in the corner in a ball.
  • Lexi blames herself, and decides that they need to stop this from hurting anyone else.
  • Everyone agrees, and they decide that from this time, they don't stop until they find and defeat Lysandre.
  • Valerie tries to wake Bryony, whom they still have captive, but she seems to be unwakeable.
  • Grant explains that there is only four other people who can know where he is; Calem, Brigette, Trevor and Xerosic.
  • Lexi reveals that Xerosic is with Lysandre as revealed by Mable, so he's off the list.
  • Korrina soon stumbles in on crutches, explaining that she thinks she knows where Calem is.
  • She explains that Bryony told her that Calem and she would be heading to Cyllage City to ensure no one can get into Geosenge Town.
  • They decide their heading, and begin packing supplies.
  • Setting off once again, they all head out slowly.
  • All in a sad mood, no one speaks as they head out to Cyllage City.
  • Lexi thinks about Bonnie, Korrina, and then thought turns to her brother and father.
  • Finally, she begins to think about Trevor, Brigette and Calem, and she soon becomes angry.
  • She soon shouts, and tells them they have to hurry, and so, they all pick up pace.
  • Arriving in Cyllage City, they all sneak through, passing the Team Flare Grunts as they do.
  • Lexi soon overhears Calem's voice, and hides stealthily. She then sees both Trevor and Brigette walking alongside him.
  • She notifies everyone else and soon enough, they corner the trio.
  • A battle soon ensues and everything is manic.
  • Team Flare Grunts fill through the city but Grant is able to cause a small rock avalanche to block them out.
  • Brigette defends herself, but refuses to fight against them all.
  • Trevor, seemingly bloodthirsty demands they all die instantly and ravages them, with little success.
  • Calem targets Marlon, and only Marlon. Marlon laughs at Calem as he fights, with him.
  • As they all fight, Lexi is soon targetted by Trevor who charges at her with a large pick axe.
  • Just as she's about to strike, Marlon bellows her name, but Brigette grabs the axe from her brother and slaps him across the face.
  • Brigette tells her brother she refuses to do this anymore and that she won't watch him destroy himself.
  • She admits that she'd rather lose him as a brother and have him live than stand beside him as he kills who he was.
  • Trevor spits in his sisters face, which disgusts her, and Trevor walks off.
  • Marlon then grabs Calem and slams him against the wall. He demands for him to tell him where Lysandre is hiding.
  • Calem refuses, and Marlon grabs him and throws him inside a house.
  • Everyone follows him, and slams the door shut behind them.

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