Xenial Destiny series
4: Searching
Air date June 25, 2014 XY074 Season Invasion
  • Marlon throws Calem onto a chair and ties his hands behind his back hard.
  • The rest of the group surround him.
  • Marlon asks him simply where Lysandre is hidden, but Calem refuses to answer.
  • Marlon smacks him across the face, but Calem refuses to answer.
  • Marlon continues to hurt Calem for answers, and tells everyone to leave the room.
  • Everyone leaves, and Lexi sits at a table where Brigette sits.
  • Brigette begins to apologize to Lexi, telling her that she never wanted to hurt her and it was never personal against her.
  • She continues to say she only wanted to protect her brother, and that he was determined to make their dad proud.
  • Lexi admits she understands wanting to protect her sibling, as she had done so before.
  • She then goes on to say that she forgives her, and that if she helps them stop Lysandre that she's sure Trevor will be saved.
  • Brigette agrees, and the two laugh.
  • Meanwhile, Marlon continues to hit and kick Calem, still silent.
  • Marlon tells him that he's been filled in all about Calem and his relationship with Lexi, and how he treated her.
  • Marlon explains that he wants to make Calem hurt for causing so much pain to someone he loves, which slightly shocks Calem.
  • Marlon see's this, and sighs. He then asks Calem if he himself likes Lexi.
  • Calem looks away and Marlon gains his answer.
  • Marlon continues to say that Lexi will never trust him or want to be with him ever, and that he himself will make Lexi happy.
  • Marlon then stops hitting him, and has a sympathetic look on his face.
  • He explains that Calem can probably never make up for the betrayal, but that he can make a start by giving up this charade and helping them.
  • Calem begins to spout nonsense about how he feels, but Marlon doesn't wish to hear it.
  • Calem continues until Marlon hits him once more making the chair fall to the floor.
  • Marlon pulls him to his feet, and Calem utters something.
  • Marlon leaves the room, and tells everyone that Lysandre is in Geosenge Town itself.
  • The group, now aware of Lysandre's place of hiding, throws Calem out of the house.
  • Marlon tells him he better run to his Master because they're coming, and Calem drags himself away.
  • Once he reaches the end of the town, he looks back to see Marlon hugging Lexi and kissing her head.
  • Calem turns in anger once again and picks up pace towards Geosenge Town.

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