Xenial Destiny series
3: The Ultimate Weapon
Air date June 25, 2014 XY075 Season Invasion
  • Ready to go, Lexi, Brigette, Valerie, Tierno, Grant, Marlon, Viola and Alexa, head into Geosenge Town.
  • With their plan ready, Alexa and Viola run ahead and cause a distraction, while Lexi and everyone else runs through the gate.
  • Arriving in the city, the group soon began filtering through, before a group of Team Flare Grunts heading through the north-eastern exit.
  • Lexi realizes they must be heading to where Lysandre is hiding, and so they follow on.
  • Needing a way to get in, Grant and Valerie lead off the Grunts into a set of bushes.
  • The group fight the members and take their outfits, dressing in Team Flare outfits, before walking to the door.
  • Seeming unnoticed, the group successfully enter the Headquarters.
  • Once they entered, they are quickly scooted into a Pokémon match.
  • Unsure of what to do, the group sit down and keep their heads down, as the other Grunts speak.
  • The Grunts ask them if they know where Lysandre is and they shake their heads.
  • The Grunts reveal that Lysandre is hiding somewhere but no one knows where he is, and that they're curious of what they have to do before the Ultimate Weapon detonates.
  • Realizing this, the group stand and leave the room.
  • One Grunt shouts for Percy, but all the group just stop, not knowing who they're talking about.
  • The man grabs Shauna and turns her around, and recognizing her, shouts that they are imposters
  • Everyone begins to fight, with everyone sending out their Pokémon.
  • Once they finish battling, the group leave the room and lock the door, with the Grunts knocked out inside.
  • Realizing that they had not much to lose, they begin to check each door throughout the building.
  • Lexi opens one door, and it opens to a huge room, with Lysandre stood in the center.
  • Lexi nods to everyone, and they all walk into the room.
  • Lysandre turns and asks them all what they want, thinking they're Grunts.
  • Then Lexi pulls off her outfits and hat, and reveals herself.
  • Lysandre thanks her for turning up, and smiles.

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