Xenial Destiny series
2: Sacrifice
Air date June 26, 2014 XY076 Season Invasion
  • The group stand in front of Lysandre and he stands in front of them.
  • He tells them that he's impressed with how they found him and got to him, but say it's all useless now.
  • He says that Pokémon and humans have increased to an unsustainable level.
  • Shauna buts in and tells him that everyone can live in harmony, and we can share this Earth.
  • However, Lysandre then asks Lexi about sharing her Mega Ring, which she hesitates, and he says that one of something cannot be shared, and that he needs to reduce the number of living things to stop conflict.
  • He reveals that Pokémon shall no longer exist, and that despite their greatness, they will only become weapons.
  • Lysandre decides he's had enough, saying that she wants to stop the ultimate weapon and he refuses to do so, before walking away.
  • The Team Flare Grunts surround them, but the admins tell them all to leave and not to come back. Once they all leave, Bryony locks the door, before smiling.
  • The group begins fighting; all of them attacking one another with their Pokémon.
  • Everyone goes full force when attacking, Pokémon and humans.
  • As the attacking continues, things become manic as Trevor pulls out a chainsaw, before horrifically waving in the air.
  • Everyone looks on in horror, but the fighting continues.
  • Trevor targets Lexi and goes at her with the chainsaw.
  • Lexi manages to dodge it, and Lexi's Pokémon successfully attack Trevor and destroy the chainsaw.
  • As the fighting continues, Lexi looks around at the hate and terror.
  • She notices Calem, and runs towards him, hitting him.
  • Calem refuses to hit back, grabbing Lexi's hands stopping her from moving.
  • She begins to cry asking him why, and Calem begins to think about everything himself.
  • Bryony pushes Calem out of the way, and remarks that she knew Lysandre should of never trusted him and that if only he listened.
  • Calem asks why, and Bryony angrily exclaims that Lysandre used him to make a dig at Lexi and that he manipulated him into joining them.
  • Calem suddenly realized everything that has happened.
  • Bryony grabs a gun from the table and points it to Lexi's head.
  • Marlon shouts no and everyone turns and watches.
  • Bryony, still pointing the gun, goes to shoot.
  • Celosia tells her that she'll do it, and shoots the gun.
  • Tierno, realizing that Lexi is their only hope, hurtles to the ground to shield Lexi.
  • The bullet pierces through his skin and Tierno looks at Lexi.
  • Lexi looks on in horror as she frantically pushes Tierno's body to the side of her, seeing herself covered in blood.
  • Everyone looks on in horror, at the realization at what just happened.
  • Celosia laughs and mocks Tierno's corpse, in which Shauna headbutts her to the ground.
  • Calem just looks at Celosia and screams in anger, and Shauna begins to weep.

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