Xenial Destiny series
1: Avenge the Fallen
Air date June 26, 2014 XY077 Season Invasion
  • Still in shock at what just happened, Shauna violently attacks Celosia, who at this point becomes unable to defend herself.
  • Her laughter turns to screaming as she struggles to fend off Shauna, before shouting to Calem to help.
  • With Bryony, Aliana and Mable still fighting, and Trevor manic, Celosia continues to shout at Calem for help.
  • Unable to digest what just happened, and still reeling from the revelation that he was being used, Calem tells Shauna to do her worst.
  • Everyone continues fighting, and Trevor just continues to laugh. Bryony suddenly turns to him and tells him to shut up.
  • Trevor just glares at her and Bryony tells him that Lysandre put her in charge and that she orders him to leave.
  • Trevor shouts no, but Bryony continues to say that Lysandre told her he's turned crazy.
  • Unhappy with what she said, Trevor pounces onto Bryony and twists her neck, with Bryony dropping to the ground.
  • Brigette, watching this, screams in horror.
  • Suddenly, an object flies across the room and lands in front of Brigette.
  • Upon inspection, Brigette screams once again at the realization that it's Bryony's head.
  • Trevor laughs, before taking some pills from his pocket and swallowing them.
  • Brigette gasps, and realises something.
  • With Pokémon fighting, and Everyone else fighting against each other, Lexi realizes whats going on with Shuana, Calem and Celosia.
  • She steps to her feet and charges to Celosia.
  • She grabs her head, and twists her arm behind her back, making Celosia scream in pain.
  • Lexi pulls her close and begins to tell her she's disgusting.
  • Beginning to cry, Calem tells Lexi that she's not worth it and that they need to work together to take down Lysandre.
  • Shocked by Calem, Celosia begins to angrily verbally assault Calem.
  • Realizing the gun on the table, Lexi pulls the gun to Celosia's head and asks her why she shouldn't do it herself.
  • Celosia mocks her telling her that she wouldn't dare, and that she's too weak to do it.
  • In that moment, Lexi turns her head away, and a shot is heard.
  • Everyone momentarily stops, as Celosia's now dead body falls to the ground.
  • Lexi looks on and throws the gun to the floor.
  • Mable grabs a horrified Aliana and runs out, saying they're getting out of here.
  • Grant, Viola and Alexa say they'll run after them, while the others stand silent.
  • Lexi sighs and falls to the ground next to Tierno; in which Brigette, Calem, Shauna and Marlon follow.
  • Marlon then looks towards the screen and realizes there isn't much time left.
  • Marlon tells them that they have to go.
  • Lexi then stands to her feet.

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