Xenial Destiny series
0: Time's Up
Air date June 27, 2014 XY078 Season Invasion
  • Marlon and Brigette head to the computers and try to stop the clock, but they realize that they can't from here.
  • Lexi looks towards the door and begins to walk towards it.
  • Calem grabs her hand and says that he's coming with her.
  • Marlon intervenes and tells him hell no, but Lexi says yes.
  • Lexi tells her Pokémon to return, and they head through.
  • Everyone watches as the duo head down, and Shauna stands forward.
  • As Lexi and Calem walk through the hall, Calem suddenly stops Lexi.
  • He explains to her that him leaving was because he felt inferior to her, and felt that she was journeying with her just to make herself better.
  • He continues to say that Lysandre poisoned him into thinking that she was holding him back, and that their friendship was a sham, which resulted in him becoming enraged.
  • Lexi tells him that she might of treated him in a bad way, but that she never meant any ill will towards him.
  • She tells him that she forgives him, but they need to hurry to get to Lysandre.
  • The halls begin to get darker, and Lexi begins to her grumbling.
  • Suddenly, three Admins stand in their way and tell them they won't be getting any further.
  • Suddenly, Shauna, Marlon and Brigette arrive and shout the duo, telling them to get out of the way.
  • The trio grab the Team Flare Admins, and tell the others to run.
  • Calem and Lexi run past, as the trio hold off the Team Flare Admins.
  • The duo arrive at a door, and suddenly enter.
  • The two walk into the room, and see a large vessel in the center.
  • Lexi intriguingly walks towards the vessel, while Calem examines the flourescent wires on the ground.
  • He tells her that the wires seem to be transferring something out of the vessel.
  • Suddenly, the vessel begins to glow, and Lexi stands back.
  • Suddenly, the vessel implodees and a creature emerges.
  • The wires break and the creature stretches out, before falling to the ground.
  • Lexi stands in awe as the Pokémon begins to glow, and letting out it's cry.
  • Lexi just stands back, and says Xerneas.

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