Xenial Destiny series
Air date June 27, 2014 XY079 Season Invasion
  • Xerneas cries out, after awakening.
  • Lexi steps back and Calem jumps in front of her.
  • However, Lexi pushes him gently aside and stands towards him.
  • Xerneas, seemingly angry, fires an attack at the duo.
  • They manage to get out of the way, but the attack injures Calem's arm.
  • Realizing they can't do anything else, Lexi sends out Heliolisk to fight against Xerneas.
  • Lexi and Xerneas begin to battle against each other.
  • Xerneas begins to attack Heliolisk.
  • Despite Heliolisk making several damaging attacks, Xerneas is just too strong.
  • Xerneas continues to battle and takes down Heliolisk.
  • Suddenly, it uses Gravity and Lexi is unable to get to her Pokéballs.
  • Needing to do something soon, Lexi begins to shout to Xerneas telling it that it needs to calm down.
  • Unable to get through, Lexi manages to get to her Pokéballs after a while, and lets out Delphox.
  • Delphox begins to attack Xerneas, and manages to weaken it.
  • Realizing that she can't unleash it from it's anger, Lexi suddenly finds the Pokéball that Sycamore gave her earlier.
  • Flashback to Sycamore handing Lexi a special Pokéball back when she met him in Dendemille Town*
  • She throws it towards Xerneas, who seemingly goes to deflect it.
  • The Xerneas bounces the ball back to Lexi.
  • Xerneas then goes to attack Lexi, in which Calem becomes powered with his emotions at watching the battle and screams for Xerneas to listen.
  • Xerneas holds still and faces Calem, and in that moment Lexi dodges the attack and throws the Pokéball once more.
  • Xerneas glares at the Pokéball as it engulfs it.
  • The Pokéball falls to the ground and begins to rumble.
  • The Pokéball begins to shine, and Xerneas is caught.
  • Lexi looks on in shock, and picks herself up and grabs the Pokéball.
  • Calem stands to his feet, and suddenly, a man begins to speak.
  • The man stands out of the shadows and reveals himself to be Lysandre.
  • He tells Lexi he can't believe that Lexi would be the chosen one, with Lexi glaring at him.

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